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Microsoft gives away Visual Studio and SQL Server



Microsoft gives away Visual Studio and SQL Server

Visual Studio, SQL Server and BizTalk launch

IT'S DIFFICULT to know how Sun is going to take this news but you can bet that it won't be happy. Microsoft has decided that it's going to follow Sun's lead in letting people develop Java programs for free and is now giving away Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition.

There is plenty of precedent for giving away a programming language with its development tools and Microsoft seems happy to go with that flow. It is almost certainly a good thing for the programming community as a whole. The Express Editions may not be full power but they are good enough to do useful things.

Just to make things really nice, it's also giving away SQL Server 2005 Express Edition though that's definitely less newsworthy as it has been possible to get a free, cut down version of SQL Server for a long time. But it's still good news for amateur developers and people in countries where the full price of SQL Server or Visual Studio is a year's wages.

The only downside to the whole affair is that Microsoft is reluctant to commit to giving away the Express Editions forever. So if you want to get your hands on one or all of them, you'd be wise to download them in the near future as there are no guarantees that they will still be available for free in the new year. µ

Get your free Express Editions here

Lol Inquirer, but I figured a few people here could use this software.