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Microsoft Paint Artist


Go And Die
I was thinking about how many people made art out of the most unartistic crap ever and i realised that one of the most unartistic thing out there is right on our computer!! Thats right im talking about Microsoft Paint this nightmare can be found in the start menu then go to accessories then go to paint

I thought that if people can make art out of a toilet i could make art on this failure of mankind

here is a couple of my paintings useing this horrid program.....

I call this one "A Bowl Of Fruit"

I call this one "Thinking Stick Man"

if you are brave, you can make art useing this crap program. If you do please share it with us!


I'm just really nice.
I redid a Picasso. Looks better than the original, I think.



(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Before I bought Paint Shop Pro, I did a lot of stuff in MS Paint, and was pretty good at it.

I still do Paint stuff: