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Milkshakes are good


Oppressing your posts...
that poor spider... he was prolly thinkin he was getting a nice bananna to eat..
hmmmmm did unforgiven just jack jungs thread? heeheeheeheehee nice job forgiven. anyhoo, looks like a high protien shake.


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
Has anyone been watching dirty tricks 10.30pm on channel 4 on fridays?
They put a mouse with a hand writen name tag in a blender...the guy drank the mouse blood and regurgitated a live mouse with the name tag still on it.
But in the confusing of the idea of the trick, the guy swallowed the mouse, got another one and put that in the blender for real. The guy drank the mouse blood and regurgitated the live mouse with the name tag on it. Sick, entertaining but still really sick. God knows how they got away with that one.