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Mindless Self Indulgence is the WORST band I've heard TO DATE.


Hella Constipated
You aren't musicans.

And you sure as hell aren't gamers.

How hard does one have to work to butcher the pristine clear, artistically raspy sound of an FM Synthesizer? I think they just mastered it. Growing up on this type of music, I know crap when I hear it.

What are these idiots thinking? Hey look, I can use Hammerhead Rhythm Station, and Fruity Loops, I can get signed to a big time label.

NOTHING is in the correct place, the FM synth is totally out of whack and damages the song, which the exception of their work, "Straight to Video." I kind of enjoy that work, but even it has flaws, like the rest of their shitfest.

When decay should exist, it's a whole nother riff or the synth sound just ends. Not cool. Instead of integrating it into their vocals and guitar work, it's a sub-piece (shit-piece?) inside of the full work, their "Song."

There's no cohenerence, it's a billion fucking places at once, and when there is coherence that magical thing called decay is missing.

I'd rant more but I'm seeing red because of the amount of potential these guys have and are wasting.