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Banned - What an Asshat!
Every person here has probably had to deal with a person that you cant stand at one point in their life. For me its my mom. I cant stand her sometimes. When I go places with my friends my mom takes all their information (phone numbers, addresses, liscense plate numbers ...etc) shes out of control. She gives me drugtests all the time because she doesnt trust me. And worst of all she is the biggest embarassment in the world. If someone can please give me some advice or share experiences please share them here because i think im gonna lose it soon...Thanx


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dude. talk to her, explain that she is way to paranoid, that ur old enough to make ur own decisions, if that dont work... find a bridge and jump off... :thumbsup:

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for one second, think of it from her persepective. She probably loves you very much, and doesnt want to see anything bad happen to you. Yeah, she does worry far too much, and it probably causes her far too much grief for it, but i agree to sitting her down and having a talk with her.


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you're lucky you're allowed to go places! my mom on the rare occassion when she did allow me out of the house, on my own, was just as anal as yours. i used to think it was purely for shits -n- giggles or for her enjoyment but now...ah, looking at the way the world has evolved and developed, maybe she was on the ball- back then.

the best way to resolve her issues is if you turn to your mom and say, thank you for being so caring. then go into why you feel oppressed and untrusted. and leave out how embarressed you get by her (cause she really doesn't want to hear that), and most of all DO NOT make any promises* or make it into an arguement (cause that will be the end of your little discussion, permanently). be as mature and as reasonable as possible.

:) * b/c you will not be able to keep them all with your new found freedom, if she grants it to you-


Banned - What an Asshat!
Parents can always suck sometimes..


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Yeah i agree.. that can be quite annoying and seem like they are trying to do that just to annoy you... well some of them are.. hopefully your parents arent one of them. but tbsrk makes a good point. hopefully she is just doing that because she cares... did you tell your dad about it, or wheres he during all of this?
hmm...sounds like a typical worried mom...perhaps too paranoid....if she doesnt trust you..dont trust her