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Well, I read a lot about the real America it seems on this forum.

I might give something back in return.

You might wonder, why there seems to be a huge difference between the US and Europe. I watched the two life styles, and would like to talk about housing. In Europe the climate is somewhat moist, called a sea climate.
Housing is expensive. There are lots of rules and regulations of the government if you want to build a house. So everyone has to go to work high wages to get around. Sometimes the house even needs half the pay people earn. In that way you can't afford a free lifestyle like in the US.
Americans build really much cheaper. So they can spend more money on other things. Europeans tend to vote political more liberal, because the government is like an all controlling Big Brother.
Now we have a -republican like- conservative government in The Netherlands, and the bozo's succeed in reaching an ecomomic disaster.
The consumer doesn't buy, although interest rates are at an all time low.
I get 1% on my savings! No inflation! Very funny! So what do I do?
I started building, at least some luxury by enhancing my house.
People are investing in real estate, typical for a time of crisis.

If I would live in the USA I would vote for the democrats.
I don't understand at all why people would vote for the reps.

So tell me why, considering the European way of life.


Banned - What an Asshat!
I dont vote either way. I dont care if it is democrat or republican, I think the entire "party" things has gotten way out of control. It is like two kids fighting over a candy bar. they call each other names and push each other around. I vote for whomever does not seem to be the biggest fucking idiot on the planet. I wish we had a president that inspired us, and gave us that sense of pride in being an american, like when I was a kid and reagan was president, I felt that way. Like my parents felt when Kennedy was president. Now, we just have a bunch of vultures squabbling over scraps of Americana.

Oh, and about the housing thing, homes are pretty cheap in the us. But, food is ridiculous. I spend about 600$ a month on food for all of us. almost Then there is electricity, 200$ a month, gas, about 200$ a month, and of course insurance, because the government forces me to pay insurance on my car, which is about 200$ a month, and then there is our health insurance, because without it, you are lucky to get any medical help at all, that is about 400$ a month for all of us. Rent is 750$ a month. So, you need to have a two person income to raise a family in the US.