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Banned - What an Asshat!
mommy dont talk to me anymore...
mommy hasnt wrote me in a year...
mommy has new family now, but why did u have to put ur other family on hold? its like were strangers.
mommy doesnt laugh,smile,or even talk to us the way that she use to.
her soul was take away the day she met that man...
he started puttin marks on her face, cause thats the way that he showed his love. he cheated on her and even got the girl pregnant, but she stayed, she stayed for 7 years.
i hope it was worth it!
If you can't make your post coherent, I can't give a fuck about your problem. Choose your words more carefully next time.


Shiva-Destroyer of Worlds
You know.....there IS a forum for poems and stuff of the sort. You should check it's called "Writer Block". Unless you actually were typing what you may have thought to be sensical sentences, then in which case, I can't help you