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Mood Swings

my "best friend" constantly has mood swings.. one moment she loves me the next she hates me!! and she is sooo jealous too... i cant even hang out with other friends without her saying dumb shit like "u dont like me anymore" and "you like _____ better then me" and on and on... its SO annoying.. and she also lies alot... about really stupid things, such as what time she got done work... shes real clingy too... ugh she jus pisses me off so much sometimes!
lmao haha oh god u have no idea how much i want to give her a backhand... today she's like "you dont like me anymore do you" because i was talking to my friend jeff! its like WTF, stop being such a jealous slut :rolleyes:


Flame Bait
otta just pump some lead into the bitch :gun: and find a new girl i think the one you got right now is psychotic or something


world dictator
Ok i am a noob here so i hope i do this right. I have a friend just like that......she does not lie but she has so many moodswings...she says i luv u and i hate u in the same sentence. I'm like WTF????? Bitch make up ur damn mind........we're good friends but people like that should seek the help of psychiatrists........fucking pussies :cool:


why are ppl born mental

My step-sister is like that she is mentally unstable and on like 10diff. pills and she is
[size=+3]fucked up in the head[/size]
boo hoo, so she's moody

so the girl is moody-why don't you go fucking cry :( . Honestly, what girl isn't? :mfinger: I'm moody every other day- do you know how many hormones just dump out of endocrine glands in unbalanced amounts in a female, especially during menstruation? I'm guessing she's stupid too, in order to let herself get jealous all of the time. And for the life of me, I can't understand why the hell you still her friend.