More bull shit...


So ima take this time to bitch about my 'girlfreind' and other interesting little things. Ok, we start off with my 'girl freind'. Hhmm.. so we have been going out for about 3 weeks now, and thats how long its been since we have seen each other because she works two jobs and goes to school......she keeps saying she wants to hang out but when ever it gets to the time for us to 'hang out' she has plans or always finds a way to bail not sure if its intentional or if she is to busy... :confused: It has happend like 4-5 times..maybe more.

For chrismas, I'm not sure what i should get...1) playstation 2, 2) Just take the 150 and go buy some cloths and guitar shit...hhmmm....... ::fpalm::
Dont be afraid to reply with any sugestions or what not..
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