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More junk e-mail

Sent by: Sarah Bloom
Subject: My Friend, You are in Trouble

Apparently I have a friend who goes by the name of Sarah Bloom, who I've never met, or heard of before in my entire life.

She sent this to me using an e-mail that was supposed to be closed a long time ago. The only reason I still get these is because e-mails sent to that address automatically get re-directed to my yahoo mail account.

Why? Who the fuck knows.

Now, Sarah, you will probably never read this, but I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck about you. I don't give a fuck about the "software" that you're trying to sell me. And I'm not your friend. Also, the only trouble I went through was deleting your bullshit.


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meh_it_all said:
I wish my junk mail was as entertaining as that.

I do hope I get mail from sarah soon :happysad:
haha no but poor you, I know it can be quite annoying sometimes..
that's why you have Gmail :D


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i haven't had any spam in ages.. not even to bulk..

i was assuming they just gave up.. i mean, has anyone actually ever bought any 'v1agra' from an unknown source?


Banned - What an Asshat!
i guess i was careful who i gave my address to, plus i never opened all those 'evil taliban petition' fwds back in the day.. i sent an email to my whole address book saying that if anyone sent me a fwd i would delete it regardless..
uh huh, i'm an intolerant lil' fucker.
I never give my address out to anybody, except those who I want to have it.

Like I said, the address that they get sent to was supposed to be shut down a long time ago.


Random Wanderer
<uselessrant>I rarely get spam but the most annoying this is forwards. The sad part that people actually believe them. Just because someone typed "Bill Gates" at the bottom of the e-mail does not mean that it is from him.:rolleyes: I have told everyone to never send me forwards or they will be deleted and if they are so important you can take that extra step and make it a normal message. </uselessrant>


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you are in trouble... the trouble of getting junk email... aint that a bitch?


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Jessica43999 said:
Bwah, everyone gets junk email. Toughen up muffin ;)
I don't :D
Took me alot of replies to make sure of that. Still get forwards from my friends, but that's it.
v1agra is the one i get the worst.

sometimes when i buy things online and use a credit card alias, i'll get junk mail later from the alias i used.

say i used the name "otis spunkmeyer" and the CC# is whatever.. 2-3 days later i tend to get spam like "Otis, act now and get a platinum* visa". quite amusing. i usually use names like bonquisha or chanel. one time (out of curiosity) i used vagina..

"Vagina, your PayPal account has been suspended!" :eek:


Banned - What an Asshat!
When the telephone rings, most people check the caller ID window before answering. If they see the name or phone number of a family member, friend, or business associate, the conversation begins without fear or inconvenience.
The telephone equipment cannot be tricked. Even when the caller ID window displays "out of area" or "name blocked" messages, telephone users do not have to worry about risking their identity or placing personal information at risk if they decline to answer.
But this is not the case with e-mail. Malefactors can easily spoof the sender's address to trick the recipient into opening the message. Tricksters often make the subject line so inviting that the user cannot wait to click on a message that, once opened, might contain harmful computer code that installs ID-sniffing components or makes the computer susceptible to more unwanted e-mails, otherwise known as spam.
A solution to this problem might soon be available. The computer industry is fast-tracking a system called e-mail authentication, which will attempt to do for e-mail what caller ID does for telephone calls. E-mail authentication will assure the recipient that the sender actually is the person identified in the message header.
"I have no lack of confidence that, given time, it will be fully implemented, possibly within the next 18 months," said Tom Peterson, vice president of technology for IronPort Systems, an e-mail security firm.