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Headlines More right-wing media...


TV Stations Refuse to Air Sheehan Ad
Meanwhile in Boise, the CBS and Fox affiliates are refusing to run an ad featuring Sheehan. An official at CBS's KBCI said QUOTE "Sheehan accuses the President of the United States of being a liar. She claims the President lied about, among other things, the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There is no proof that we are aware of regarding the truthfulness of her claim." Earlier in the week the ABC Affiliate in Salt Lake City refused to run the same ad claiming that it could "be offensive to our community in Utah."
Washington TV Stations Say No to Ad Criticizing Network Coverage of Sudan
Meanwhile, here in this country three TV stations in Washington DC are refusing to run an ad that criticizes the networks lack of coverage of the ongoing genocide in Sudan. The ad was created by the Center for American Progress for the campaign called a BeAWitness.
Two more examples of the media and its right-leaning tendencies:. How is this stuff NOT obvious to some people??


In Memory...
The best thing right now is The Daily Show. I mean they're the only ones that will observe everything the other media networks do, but they point out the inconsistencies and whatnot, but I don't ever recall hearing about the genocides in Africa or anything like that. But hey, at least it makes for a happier public, which is good for ol' George.


Oppressing your posts...
remember the easiest way to lie is to tell the truth but leave out some key parts...