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Dain Bramaged
From beyond the veil
Where the Fae roam free
I find myself caught
Betwixt sleeping and wake
Assaulted by nightmares
Forged from forgotten memories
Of chances never taken
And choices never made
But beneath the regret
And the laments of lost loves
Arises the caophony of convoluted thought
Dreams of hope felled swiftly
By the abortive strokes
Of reality's dulled edge
Rendering pain unimaginable
As it digs deep into the flesh of innocence
First off, the wording was very nicely done, props for that. Now, the structure seems a bit skewed, causing the flow itself to go downward. Though, a bit always gets lost, when typed out. I like the initial tone (that is, if I’m reading correctly). The emotion seems soaks through good enough. Short, but I enjoyed reading it, nonetheless.