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Mortality's a bitch


Pig Tails and a Shotgun
I never really appreciate how fragile life really is....... I had a dear friend recently get in a serious car accident..... I never realized how much life can change in seconds..... How in only moments, your life can change forever. I have a hard time telling people that I love them, and that I need them in my life. I always feel the need to stand strong and independent. Yet, when I thought that I might have lost this friend forever, I couldn't breath.... He lived, and is ok despite his concussion and loss of blood.... What would I have done if this were not the case? What would you do if someone you cared about was lost suddenly? People go about their "happy" little lives like bees... Follow the routine every day. Work for the future, save their money for something better. This is life, but we have no control and people never stop to think just how precious those moments are.

I went for a walk later the night of his accident, to get some air and think about life. All around me, people were moving and living. In every house, their is a family, a life..... Millions upon millions of people every day do everything possible in their power to make a life for them selfs and their loved ones..... How easy this cycle is to disrupt. We're ants that don't see the foot coming. We are all going to die one day... This is the only certain thing in life. And yet, the world is full of procrastinators. "Why do it today, when you can put it off until tomorrow?" Well, the reality is that there might not be a tomorrow. I am not a very religious person although I was rasied as a Jehovah witness.... And now I question all things in life. I don't believe in heaven or hell, and sometimes not even in a God. I believe in the possibility of reincarnation, and that there is something after life. But, what if there isn't? What if when we die, we die forever... Nothing else, just.... Oblivion?

I have too many regrets in my life, about things I should have done, or things I should have done differently. So many, that a few simple words like, I love you, or I care for you, should not be among these. I'm not trying to sound like a cheesy chain letter, but i've come to appreciate every moment for what it is. Eternity. Never put things off.... If you can avoid it.
To all my friends.... I love you guys..... Thank you for being you.

My parents always tell me i'm a pessimistic person, but this sudden realization of the importance of life and the moment is really kinda of an optimistic thought for me.... So, don't think this as depressing, but as a warning to not wait until it's to late......

strangly enough.... my freind's accident... happened a few hours after my accident in front of HIS house........... that story is in.... smashing cars.... but i'n not sure how to link it


Worthless Individual
Honkey said:
I learned that when I lost my dad at 4 years old.

I feel you man, I lost my dad at 5 from a heart attack. He was 34 I think. 34 or 32. screw_you_jack, I hope you and your friend are both doing great now.


Its also kind like how people take their parents for granted. Some of us only have 1 parent. Some of us dont have fathers and stuff that do whats right for their kids.. they do whats right for themselves. And my father is one of them, so i seriously hope he burns in hell for it. Down with deadbeat dads and deadbeat parents. Im on fuckin strike. :mfinger: Im better off without the fucker. Theres not enough middle finger emoticons to express my anger :p


Somewhere in the Between
everyone in the world at a time is pissed at there mom,dad,brother,sister,freind,
gf,bf or even and enemy....but if that person is lost the world crashes down on matter who it is....................the 3 year annversery of 911 is tomarrow....................i knew no-one who died that day but i feel for all of them...............death happens it just a fact of life


:: What Ebonics ::
man it really sucks to loose someone....its how you take it afterwards what makes you part of who you really are....of course it also depends on what type of situation youre in....when my grandpa died on my moms really didnt hurt all that much..i hardly knew the guy..i remember hanging out with him and all..when i was a kid....but what hurt the most was seeing my mom down the way she was...she was torn it hurt more to see my mom like that..than knowing my grandpa had died....i was a lot younger tho...and i didnt really know wtf to feel......


Prone to Bad Karma
my bf told me..he wanted to marry me not because he knows he could get along living with me, but because he cant live without me. its a time where you make time for those you love the most. this goes for people you dont like too. if you hate them, dont waste your time on them, let them go. Save it for someone who deserves your love. wish you and your friend the best. its better late than never to go back and do those things you wanted to do.