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mother daughter time


Angel of Death
Hey mom, for 45 years old. I have gotta hand it to ya. Wow, way to shoot the shots, chase the chasers and get me your luving beautiful daughter all fuckered up.

Got into a drinking contest with my mom, first time i remember seeing her drunk....lets just say.... She matched drink per drink..shot for shot.. and wow... do i feel it now...

Love ya mom.


Mother Daughter Time hehe


Sexual Deviant
7 card no peek

7 cards face down, just like poker.
(you look, you drink for every card)

3, 6, 9 you drink.
Q spades you drink twice

deuces, jacks, suicide king are wild.

Just like poker, only you drink for the aforementioned cards, doubling up on pairs, triple shots on 3 of a kind etc...

Use a wild card with the drinking cards, you drink for all of them.

You get wasted quick. Enjoy. :cool: