Mother-in-law from hell


Ok, I'm not married. I've been seriously dating a guy for the past four years and we both know this is it, but we don't want to get married right now. We have to get our lives settled first. We just graduated college a week ago. The problem is his mother is making our relationship hard to carry on. She is a nice lady, at least I thought, but she says things about me behind my back to him. If I don't spend at least x number of hours with his family (they live close by, mine lives 10 states away) she says to him that I'm antisocial and that I don't care about their family at all and that I'm unloving. My boyfriend is the oldest of four boys, and I fear that I'm the target of some serious Oedipus complex going on here, or at least some serious insecurity on her part. She adores the second oldest's girlfriend, probably because she's your typical "everything a mother could want" suck up, kiss ass, kind of girlfriend. I'm not. I am who I am and I told him that, and if she's goign to get in teh way of our relationship then fuck her. I'm polite don't get me wrong, but I don't go out of my way, because that would be pretense.

When he mentioned wanting to look for a job in another state (at least a plane flight away) she FLIPPED! She like threw tantrums and yelled at him saying "Why? Why are you doing this to me?" as if this was about her and not about him growing up and venturing out to try new things. Then she says to him taht if he had never met me he would never want to have moved away from HER and that we (he and I) don't have any passion in our relationship and that he doesn't relax around me and basically that we're wrong for each other AND SHE HASNT BEEN AROUND US MORE THAN TWO WHOLE DAYS THIS ENTIRE YEAR!!! She's just making this stuff up out of thin air. We both know we are happy, I just don't understand why I'm the target of this stuff. Why is this all about her??? Why do mother-in-law figures do this, I don't get it. She's constantly and inappropriately always demeaning me to him, but not in front of me, just when I'm not there to defend myself. Anyone got any advice?? :mad:


The qualifications for addmission to a paych ward are:
1. Danger to self
2. Danger to others.
3. Danger to property
Any one of the three and they will take her. You could also send her on a trip and skip town. Make sure not to leave a forwarding address if you do.


Kiss my Converse
My mother in law tried to fucking stab me once. When that happens to you, then come back and talk about mother in laws from hell.