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[Movie] Logan's Run remake


I found this a while back, but haven't heard anything new about it lately. I was reading some old threads and found a post of mine about it, so I figured I post a thread about it. IMDB shows it's release date as 2005, but as I said, I haven't heard anything new about it. IMDB's boards weren't very helpful either.

I wish they'd put out some information about this movie, I'm a huge fan. I own the original movie and book, and I've read/watched them both numerous times.


Oppressing your posts...
dont know if a remake would do as well as the origional.. figure they would have to jazz it up and add to the plot and stuff.. since the origional movie ended rather abruptly.. willing to think they'd prolly borrow alot of plots from the tv show...there was a tv show right? its not just my faded memory due to raging alcahol consumption is it?