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movies you shouldn't miss


Banned - What an Asshat!
i saw layer cake last night, i had been meaning to for a while but kept forgetting, then it got to the top of my netflix queue..
what a movie!!
far better than lock stock or snatch.. far more believable, a definate classic..

got me thinking, there's a lot of movies out there and although i'm pretty good at finding them out, the good ones that is, there must be a few that i miss..

anyone seen spun, another classic, an over-the-top drug movie from usa with mickey rourke as a meth cook.. great movie..

any tips would be appreciated, i don't mind if a few people list movies i've already seen if i get just one that slipped under my radar..
and maybe someone else will watch layer cake.. you should :thumbsup:


The real man's bitch
Another movie you shouldn't miss is Serenity. If you like it see it again and again and try to convince the TV execs to bring back Firefly. The show that the movie is based on and got cancelled a few years ago.


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
I watched "Thirteen" the other day. A moving film. :thumbsup:

Aparantly, there is another movie that continues from Snatch with Turkish in it. Anyone seen it?