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MSN Ate my Life or Why Not to Drink and Chat


Flame Bait
So I made a really stupid mistake the other day. I cam home from the bar all licked up and decided to turn on my computer Normally, this would be ok. I'd write something stupid and call it a night. However, in my drunken stupor I made the monumental mistake of opening up MSN to talk to people. Through my haze I kinda remember opening a file someone sent me before passing out on my couch. That's right folks... I was ass-raped by the PIF demon. After 12 hours of apologizing, admitting I'm stupid and flushing my system I have successfully reinforced something I've always known... I prefer to be kissed first and cuddled after then anally raped and murdered. So what's the moral of the story... When drunk there are lots of things you shouldn't do. Being on your computer is on of them. Where are the commercials that tell you not to drink and surf?

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
what the FUCK are you talking about? You sent out a picture of you being assraped? Why are you even telling us this... good lord...


Lost Soul
I'm drunk most of the time I use my computer. Seems to work out fine for me. Maybe, you should just know your fucking limit!


Hooked on Rocks!
When I come home drunk I ain't lookin for the puter!

*"babe, where's the KY?"* :faint: