Murder She Wrote


Fresh Meat
What's the deal with Jessica Fletcher? Surely there is a perfectly competent police force in the US? So why do they turn to an aging author every time a rich middle-aged guy is murdered by the jealous lover of his young trophy wife or his estranged son/daughter? And why does Jessica Fletcher have to solve each case with such an attitude of self satisfaction?? If I have to see her smug "I've just unmasked the murderer by forcing them to confess under the weight of highy circumstantial evidence whilst simultaneously making the local police force look very stupid" face ONE MORE TIME I will have no option but to kill absolutely everyone in the entire world.

p.s. please don't waste your time replying to this post by saying 'shut up noob' or 'you suck noobie' because I really won't give a shit :mfinger: