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murderer incriminated by his google search.


Banned - What an Asshat!
this reminds me of the scott peterson case when it transpired he had looked up the tides in a certain bay before dumping the body.

DURHAM, N.C. -- Robert Petrick searched for the words "neck," "snap," "break" and "hold" on an Internet search engine before his wife died, according to prosecutors Wednesday.
More than two years after Janine Sutphen's body was discovered floating in a Raleigh lake, investigators continue to find new evidence on computers seized from Robert Petrick's home that prosecutors say support their arguments that Petrick killed his wife.

The Google search was the latest in recently discovered evidence found in the 100 million pages of content removed from computers.

Last week, a forensic investigator discovered that Petrick allegedly researched lake levels, water currents, boat ramps and access about Falls Lake just four days before he reported Sutphen missing on Jan. 22, 2003.


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So... google isn't as powerful of a weapon as we thought.


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
I better cancel what I had planned for the weekend then. :(