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Music editor that's equal to GarageBand

Ok, i need a music editor for windows that's comparable to Apples "garageband", because our band is really getting serious about the music we make. any suggestions?

and for the love of god, DO NOT say acid pro 5.0, because i tried it. and it sucked. hard.
apparently it doesn't work without the PCI card installed on your computer...

(and the pci card costs $13,000)


Fire_ze_Missles said:
Pro Tools is expensive as fuck, and isn't available for Windows anyway.

You're probably looking for something that will do post production or mastering, I guess. Steinberg Cubase should do the job perfectly, but it's expensive. They also offer a budget studio package that might interest you. If you're just looking for a wave editor, then just use Sound Forge or Wave Lab. (or Audacity if you're really cheap.)



You'll like it. It's easy to use and the editing features are a lot simpler than ProTools, plus you don't need to have a module to run it.

With protools you have to get the Digi002 or the MBox and that's a pain in the ass. Regardless, you're gonna need a Firewire Interface.

PreSonus has a great interface called the FirePod, it has 8 channels with 8 Preamps. Only catch, you can't use it with ProTools 'cause Digidesign wants to monopolize their market. If you're using ProTools, you have to use their interfaces.

Cakewalk Sonar is a good product.

Good luck with the band dude. It's FUN FUN FUN!

PS. Comparing Garageband to Cakewalk or ProTools is like comparing a bicycle with training wheels to the real thing.

Though Garageband is really easy and can do a lot of stuff automatically that would take you longer to reproduce, it's good for laying down ideas, but not for the real thing.