Headlines Muslims seek bloc vote for US election


Seeker of Truth
BRIDGEVIEW, United States (AFP) - US Muslims have embarked on a vast drive get the community registered to vote in the presidential election to build what could be a potentially powerful voice in deciding the winner.
The war on terror launched by President George W. Bush after the September 11, 2001 attacks has antagonized huge numbers of the estimated six million Muslim Americans.
Concerns about US foreign policy in the Middle East have been replaced with concerns about their own civil rights among Muslim leaders who are now seeking to get as many people registered as possible.
"I got another one," crowed Anam El-Jabali, waving her clipboard in victory as she emerged from a mosque here to compare notes with two other volunteers.
"He's Palestinian. He's lived here for 40 years, and he's never voted, but he'll vote on November 2.
Well, you can't say Bush isn't inspiring Voters...