Muthafuckin' PG&E


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There's a whirlwind of bullshit here to get through, and I'm gonna trty my best here, so bear with me please.

Ok, so I'm from California. And for those of you who aren't familiar, PG&E stands for Pacific Gas and Electric. a utility company that came to monopolize California some 50 odd years ago. Back in 2017, there was a REAL rager of a fire in Santa Rosa CA, and PG&Es equipment was found to be at fault.Through many years of mismanagement, not properly maintaining equipment, not keeping lines maintained/cleared or moving them underground when they received the grant money 29 years ago, and funneling monies into bonuses for execs that were supposed to go to certain projects, California is now faced with a failing infrastructure that is on a level that's almost epic. After the fire in Santa Rosa, a group of people sued PG&E for millions... and won. End of story..... or how I fucking wish it was.

I don't understand exactly how the hell they swung this, but somehow, the troubled utility convinced the California courts... to raise OUR rates?!? The fuck? That in my book is like some guy who saddles some woman with 5 kids, walks out the door abandoning them all, and then gets the court to charge HER child support! And then, "because of the lawsuit", PG&E needed to file bankruptcy.... yet on the SAME day that they filed, they gave another round of bonuses to execs (the CEO got a $550k one)! Anyway, so the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission), steps in and is all "Oh no, no... we need to see what's up with this. Something else needs to be done.".

Of course we're all thinking all right, PG&E is gonna get the hammer now! But somehow, not only does the CPUC allow the rate hike to stand, they also lay out a deal with PG&E to start a program called the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). This mandate specifies that in the event where there's high winds/low humidity, or high fire danger forecasted, PG&E must shutoff power to affected regions. Also, PG&E is supposed to be taking steps to improve and replace their infrastructure, and clear their lines of branches and debris. Strangely, there's some kind of grant money tied up in this, and PG&E is the ONLY utility in California that has access to it through this program.

In the last year, there's been several regional blackouts. Very few have made actual sense. Most times that these "events" occur, the only place where there's been any wind of note to occur, has been high up in the hills. And wouldn't you know it? Every time... every FUCKING time, the day AFTER the forecasted event is when we get wind. The execs have been approved for another bonus after the first one. And the infrastructure? Well they said that they have to put things on hold until a later date... which was also just before the execs got approved for their second said bonuses. I know this is gonna draw a little fire, but we can't expect our government to help because our state legislature seems to be in bed with the situation. This is worse than the fucking Enron scandal back in 2000-2001... it really is.

So now, where does that leave someone like me? The little guy who's in the middle of what the fuck is going on? Well, just 2 weeks ago we had a shutoff that lasted for 4 days. I missed 2 days of work during that period, even though I'm doing rather good for myself... if you're someone who's basically making it to just make it, you know that puts a good pinch on things. Just today, PG&E confirmed another shutoff that is going to again affect our county starting Saturday. This shutoff is expected to last at LEAST 5 days in our area. That means it's going to go until at least the end of the month. Kind of fucked. I barely made rent this time. But this next paycheck, I think I'm going to have to say goodbye to my internet and car insurance. I can walk to work for a couple weeks... but motherfuckers, that should be because of something that I did! Not because these assholes are scandalous!

As an end to this little piece of non fiction, a shutoff that began on Wednesday in a county just South of us erupted with a wildfire that is currently over 16,000 acres and is only 5% contained as of 7pm Thursday night. At first it seemed like it had to be arson or some shit because it happened right near a geothermal power plant. But there's evidence coming to light that PG&E had a malfunctioning transformer, THAT THEY KNEW ABOUT, connected to some high tension power lines, that just happened to go down right around the same time that the fire started! They have been leaving the high tension lines running while the rest gets shut down... what fucking morons! I don't know what's going to come of this now, but if there's another rate increase because of this? That's it, me and the wife are out of California.

What a shit show man.


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This reminds me of how California was mysteriously having brown outs in the early 2000s. It later came to light that the executives at Enron were purposely shutting down power plants to make it look like they needed more money to build more power plants. They then took that extra money and put it in their own pockets. While the prosecution of Enron was going on, the CEO, Kenneth Lay, conveniently died of a heart attack. I am not one to push conspiracy theories, but he was very good friends with the president of the United States at the time. His death could have been easily faked. ???

This is why natural monopolies need to be heavily regulated. However, some politicians are always pushing for deregulation. I bet their power did not go out. (I bet their campaign contributions and other perks have gone up.)

Speaking of "wild" fires, I just feel sorry for the people in that trailer park who lost everything because some idiot dumped burning trash on the side of the road near them. An 89 year old woman died and another, yet unidentified, person is said to have died. So far the authorities are letting the garbage truck driver get away with arson and murder. I believe the reason is because the victims were all poor. I wish the victims could hire an attorney to sue the garbage company for millions and put pressure on the authorities to throw the garbage truck driver in prison were he belongs. No one cares about the poor. I wish I could help, but I am too poor too.

@beef_roller: I am guessing you are too poor to put up solar panels to say "screw you" to the power company. Heck, you probably do not even own your residence, so solar panels would be out of the question anyway. California seems to be leading the country in some positive ways, but also in some negative ways. Why is the cost of housing so out of control in that state? A million dollar house in California is actually a $200,000 house on a $800,000 lot. Unfortunately, many metropolitan areas around the country are following suit.


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@CoprophagousCop exactly like I said, this is worse than Enron. At least they were just wanting to pocket our money. These bastards poor decisions are literally killing people. And that Kincade fire I talked about last night? It has now pushed its way into our county, and a whole slew of evac warnings went out.

And yes I'm kinda poor. Not bread and mutton poor, but just kinda. On the plus side of things, my tax return is usually pretty sizable. Going to take that this next year along with what cash I can save from this point, and I'm going to install off-grid solar. Already got the okay from the landlord... as long as I promise to pay the fees for reconnecting the electric lines when/if I ever move.

At this point I am so over PG&E.

California is only leading the country now in the field of giving people a safe place to shoot up while making sure that nobody is using a plastic straw as they shit on the sidewalk lol.

As far as the cost of housing goes? Other than the simple answer of "because people are willing to pay that much", all I can honestly say that we followed New York on that one... there was a time when they were the most expensive. And beach front properties? Fuuuuck, don't get me into that money trap. Some people are so foolish when it comes to money.