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My balls hurt

I have this really close friend with benefits, and we've been messing around for a few months now. During this time, we've grown closer and closer and developed a friendship far beyond physical ties, and I feel like I really love her. About a month ago, we started having sex, and it's literally the best I've ever had. It's always mutual. I always make sure she gets the most out of it before... well, you know. I asked her out about a week ago, and she said that we're practically dating, but she doesnt want to call it that yet.
Anyway though, flash forward to today.. we're hanging out, doing our usual thing, and we start to mess around again. I tell her I don't have any condoms, and she says its fine. She asks if I can hold it, and I think I can, and so she gets on top and does her thing. She says it feels awesome, and I tell her its worth it to make her feel good, expecting she'll hang out with me for the rest of the evening and atleast I'll get to spend time with the woman I love.
However, this wasn't the case.
Shortly there after, the movie we're watching ends, and she says she has to take off. I ask her to do something with me tonight, and she says... well, basically a complicated no (she has class tomorrow and all that jazz), and takes off.
So now I've left here, about 15 mins later. And to use to the old phrase, my balls hurt, and I feel really used. I love this girl, and I think she loves me. And now I'm paranoid. Does she have another date tonight? Why'd she take off so fast? Did she just use me and thats all?
I know the latter is true.. and that hurts... but I've tried to convince myself that this is the way to keep her from being interested in other guys. She constantly tells me I'm awesome at... what I do... and I'm hoping if I'm constantly here best, she'll never leave.
But is that worth blue balls?
Whats worse is that I don't... relieve myself... because of a moral stand point and a personal respect for women, so I can go that route :-p

Sorry, I know the last part of this post was all over, but you get the basic idea. I feel used. And sticky, but that's beside the point :-p.


well if she is using you just for sex, i would say break up. I made sure that the reationship with my girlfriend was more than just sexual. You have to connect mentally . Why dont you try having a bit less sex and more talk and stuff like that. If she still stays with you then you're good. She with you because of YOU. if she leaves, she was with you because of the sex.
Well, it is much more than just sex, though. I feel like we're literally ment to be together just because of how much we click.. its literally uncanny. As in, she knows what I'm thinking before I say it, and I know what to do to fit what she needs. It's much more than just sexual, but I really feel used after this specific experience.
I spose I should feel blessed. I mean, I could have not gotten any at all. I basically had everything but my climax, including hers.


damn the man
If the blue balls bother you, jerk off. If the girl bothers you, talk to her and if you can't get resolution then kick her to the curb. But for god's sake wear a condom. Disease is spread long before you can't hold it. And also keep in mind that "pre-cum" has sperm in it and can cause pregnancy.


I am sexy...Oh yea...
You should talk with her about your problem. Be careful with your words though, you might say something that could upset her. Call her and ask," Why did you leave so fast? That was weird...Did I say or do something, I'm sorry..."

The "I'm sorry" part is key...
man, alright, you're getting laid, and that's a lot more than most people on the interwebnets can say for themselves. I understand the fact that you don't want to be used etc, but you say you're FRIENDS with benefits. If that's the case, be that, if you're falling for her, tell her, if you have a problem with the relationship being more about the benefits than the friendship, tell her.

Everything can be solved with communication. Not a whole lot can be solved by asking people you don't know or trust online.
posting here was more of a way to get it off my chest than anything else, but thank you all for your advice.
I talked to her a few moments ago, and everything seemed kinda cool, we even had a little bit of phone sex :-p
But yeah, anyway though, hopefully things will go better with her next time. For the time being, I'm all worked up with no where to go.