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My bitchy friends, sheesh Grow up!


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
Ok so tonight is one of my weekly groups. It's usually a total blast, so if things crap out now and then, no biggie. Tonight was shittier than that.

The person whose house we meet at announces that his wife doesn't want us to come over every week, like we have been doing for years, mostly because she's being a bitch about 5 hours once a week. Fine, that blows to high heaven, but I can try to figure something out. Eventually he'll give up gaming so he can have the "no fun at all life." I saw this coming, but it sucks.

Then later that night one of my friends, my "best" friend, throws a fucking 2 year old tantrum. Now last week, he was super duper hyped because his character in an RPG (D&D 3.5 for the geeks, like me heh) survived some major shit, and he rolled the dice well. Sometimes you get good rolls. This week his character ends up getting spanked because he underestimated his opponent, then played poorly, then rolled shitty, and he nearly died. He should have died actually, but one lucky roll on the DM's (me) part stabilized him before he died. Then another player had their character risk life and limb, took some major damage, but healed his character back to conciousness. He even got to stand up and shoot his bow at the retreating foes.

Now when his character was near death, he said "Well that was a fun character, too bad he's dead" and walked outside. So we kept on playing and sure enough he wasn't dead. Like death is permanent in an RPG like D&D, come on. Anyways, he grudgingly came back in and played, still rolling poorly. So the encounter ends and he announced that "His character was going to go off in the woods and contemplate things." We're like "Wha?" "So how long are you going to be gone in the woods?" He's like "Maybe forever". For the record the whole story was based on an extremely time sensitive event, that all the character agreed to go and do, and one of the characters has to get there as soon as fucking possible. Now he's all like "Well I'm just going to hang in the woods because I think the gods are against me." I say "What are you going on about? The gods healed you from near death, and you made it because they favored you! What do you mean you think the gods were against you? You should have died!"

Then he gets REALLY pissy. Now he's got the game stopped dead. We only have like 2 hours left to play. He's outside and arguing with me about "This is good rolepaying when my character, my neutral loner character, wants to be by himself." I'm like "No, you are just mad you had some bad rolls, and things didn't go your way, and you're taking out in character. It's not the character, it's you." So he mopes.

I gather everyone else and am like "Fine, so we continue to travel". If he wants to sit and mope let him. But no, the mood is killed, and I just go off to have a smoke. Then I find another player talking to him, and essentially kissing his ass to stay in the game. His character did everything but get on his knees and beg him for help. This is the player of the character who saved his life just a few minutes ago, and no he's begging the guy to come along? Of course he's still all pissy, and he starts talking about maybe needing a new character. This is the same guy who was just jumping up and down about how cool his character was 7 days ago, a couple blown rolls, and he's all pissy and whiney.

Then he gets all passive aggressive with me. "Wow, you really didn't like my roleplaying tonight. I guess I just can't win." So I'm like "Dude, sometimes you do well, sometimes you need help, roleplaying is more than how the dice falls." He says "Well I AM ROLEPLAYING! My neutral loner ranger wants to contemplate things, what's the problem?!?!" I say "Look your loner character has been a part of this group for some time, he's agreed to help this other guy, the guy who saved your life, and in your own description you said your character was all about saving nature. This mission was very important to you just a few minutes before the dice rolled, now it's not? Why would you suddenly turn your back on all your campanions who have done nothing but support you, give up your mission, and then just wreck the campaign?"

He's all pissed now "You just don't understand" and he's off and leaving. Then he comes back and bitches about how I was just going to play without him, and I tell him that it was his fault, not mine. If you wanna play, let's fucking play! If not, then let's not. Don't make up some "My character would do this" nonsense, when it's just you.

I swear he's like a girlfriend, more than a best buddy. His, fucking pissy everything has to be going my way all the time or I don't want to do it, shit is getting old. Fuck I've been hanging with the guy for over a decade, and he just gets more and more... pissy.

Anyways, I'm glad I got to just vent this. Now I can try to get some sleep. Later.


teh winnar
Yeah it sucks when that kinda stuff happens. You could blow him off but I'd recommend trying to resolve things first. I had the same problems with my best friend and we stopped talking for a few months and he died during the time we weren't talking, twas/is shitty.