My Co-Worker insist we are best friends.


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So at my place of employment for the past 7 years I have a co-worker whom I've become close with. He's a really good friend but at the same time this man grinds my nerves.

He has a lot of mental issues and perceives me as his "BEST FRIEND," cancelling out the idea of any other friend that I have which really pisses me off. Also this man talks a lot... like a whole lot. He continuously will repeat himself over and over and as a side note, I'm tired of him telling me about his damn "kitty cat."

This co-worker of mine is also petty as well, getting upset when I have conversations with other people in our work area, he throws temper tantrums, will butt into any conversation just to babble about some random crap and will get angry when we don't acknowledge him. Oh and did I mention that he's my deice partner at work? I have to sit in a cab with this fool for hours at a time trying to keep my sanity. It gets worse when we have to deice a plane and he's in the bucket throwing orders at me as if I don't have the free will to just ram him into the side of the fuselage.

I have legit been bitching about this guy for the past 2 years and don't know what to do. He seriously makes it hard for me to be a friend when he goes through these constant mood swings, getting pissy when things don't go his way. If I try to give him advice he gets mad, if I make a new friend in our area, he gets mad. I am so sick and tired of having to deal with a 31 year old man who doesn't know how to act in public or even properly communicate with you without interrupting another persons conversation.

ps. I'm about to leave for work here in 30 minutes so I will gladly update everyone in the threads with his antics. Its something new every night.
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I thought this was about office work for a second, until I reread the OP. It's even worse, it's at a blue collar place.


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Looks like you need to start ignoring this person. Only talk to this person when immediately necessary. He is taking over your life in the worst way. What a toxic person.
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