My dream is to buy U-haul (the company)


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I have a dream! Yes, you heard me right. I have a dream. My dream is a very simple one. To buy U-haul the company! Why, you may ask? To take it to the ground and sell it by pieces! I am tired of this fucking company!


Saturday, I needed a truck. I was moving yet again. I got a truck from a company called U-haul. Most of their trucks are from the 1980's. Well, lucky me I got a old ass truck! The fucking thing broke on my twice. Twice!!! Fuck, I was so upset. The second time, I was about to go return the truck. I was done, all I wanted was a shower and some food. Instead I had to sit there, and wait for their fucking mechanics to get to my house to revive the fucking truck!

Why can't this company buy new trucks? Why do they allow this type of situation to happen over and over again? About 8 months ago I moved, and that time the truck broke down on me 4 times! :mad:

Someone needs to put a stop to this!


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brainwashmonkey said:
Ryder. :thumbsup:

Good enough for the Oaklahoma City Bomber, good enough for you. :thumbsup:
LMFAO :thumbsup:

um in philly the U-haul trucks are from the early 90s and they dont brake down as much....but the guys there are dicks....a friend of mine worked there for almost a year and when they were supposed to give him a $1.75/hr raise they fired him he was just to "expensive" for them....


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FuckFace said:
Most of their trucks are from the 1980's.

As we all know, only ONE good looking car was made in the 80's!


The Lotus Esprit. The most beautiful car ever made, and also a VERY fast one. 0-60 in around 4 seconds.

Dude, next time, use Ryder. Al Quada used it for the first WTC bombings!


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I helped my friend move a few months ago. She rented this gigantic fucking U-Haul truck. The automatic transmission needed attention. Every time she started from a stop the truck bounched like someone had dumped the clutch on a manual.

To make matters worse the battery in the truck couldn't carry a charge. Everytime we got someplace I had to use my little Ford pickup to jumpstart that fucker.

U-Haul fucking sucks.


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problem is most u-haul dealers are ran out of a gas station or otherwise franchised.. they don't have any standards other then the truck be big, and have u-haul on the side in obnoxious colors so you can be seen from space.
I rented one of those monsters down in va from osama and abeeb at a local mobil station. it was old, dirty, and ugly. It had bad shocks, scratched mirrors, the stereo was shitty, and the steering had more play in it then the shiavo chick on muscle relaxors... since the bomber brothers didnt speak much english they didnt hear me right when i told em it was an out of town rental. so I wound up being charged for milage.... like 500 bux worth of miliage.. What made it even better is I returned it at night when the only american that worked there was on and he didn't know how to do the truck return so he said he would take the truck and tell the bosses but i had to come back to fill out the return work..
god damned fags didnt even check to see if the truck was on thier property before filing a police report on a stole vehicle. i tried to scream at em when I got there telling them the fucking truck was next to the building and you could see it through the window but all I got back was dubadubanumanuma and some clicking sounds i think.

ok im done.. heh


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Whenever the Insane Clown Posse needs whole truckload of fake pussies delivered to them, they are delivered in Ryder trucks. Use Ryder.