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My ex

To put this lightly, my ex-girlfriend is a total bitch. I think the only real reason that i stayed with her is because her parents broke up and she needed some one. well fuck that. I told her "its ok, I'll always be there". then she turned around and kicks me in the face.
Now if you have ever thought that beeing ain asituation with two gorls at once is good, go jump off a fucking cliff. My ex was bi. It would have been nice if she had TOLD ME mabey? No. Not at all. Ithought i had done somthing wrong, so helplessly, I asked. "what did i do"? She could come up with nothing. Then came the end of the school year partys. these would have been fun, if she even took a fucken look at me.
Sometime later I wrote her a simple letter, putting it in her mailbox myself so I knew she would get it. It just asked what was going on and if we could fix it. Just wirte back I pleaded in the note. About a week later, no responce. I didn't need one. I found out that she was cheating on me with one of her friends. i called ready to make her cry if needed.
I once again asked her what was going on to see if she would confess. Nothing. Then I asked why she didn't write back. "but mariah told me you wanted me to call", she said petheticly. (mariah is her bitch). Just wen I was about to bring the offense, she cut me off and dumped me. she said that I had over reacted to what was going on and that we needed space. she also said that we could still be friends. yeah, no thanks bitch.
All this time and I didn't get much either. I look back and kick myself for not killing her sooner.(metephoricly speaking of course) This school year, she went to home coming with one of my best friends just to piss me off. Why he said yes is beond me though. After bitching so much abou her he still went. asshole.
My date sucked. I went with some one in a higher grade. she was with her friend i was with mine. yeah it blew. every time i saw my ex, she went and grinded with my friend. I could have strangled her right then and there. She said we could still be friends(yeah right), But she could stop being such a bitch about everything.
well, fuck her and her mangled family. Hope she has a good time in hell!


One Shot, One Kill
i fell your pain

never been in the exact situation but i can tell that your woman has a power issue. she didnt want to break up for no reason making her an asshole, so she started cheating with ya whith another of the same sex so that when you fly off the deep end its you who is discriminating because of her sexuallity when in reallity you have all the right to be upset, cheating is cheating no matter what sex the partner is......