My first poem I ever wrote - Breathless


Mr. Ee
I could hold you forever
Until time itself stopped
Motions, swift, a breathless kiss
I pull you closer feeling the vibrations of a gentle heartbeat
Words could not explain the emotions
Therefore the beauty of silence
There could be nothing better
Than these moments spent alone
Alone with you...
This moment...please don't stop...
I couldn't bear to be torn from your grasp
Broken away from these few moments i will cherish forever
We know it won't last....
We'll be torn apart...happiness exhuasted
We know yet don't care
We clutch each others hearts waiting for the moment
Breathlessly we wait...
Moments pass....longer and longer...
Frozen....Frozen in the moment.
Staying together holding onto nothing but each other and time
Every second precious
Every heartbeat brings us closer
Another moment caught in time
A gaze into your eyes brings painful realization...
The moment over...time begins
Seperation near...
Though we part we are still together....still holding.
A memory lasts forever,
As does my love.

This was my first! It was published in one of those cheap poetry compilation books. Yay me!