My "friend"


How dare you!?
Ok i have known a guy and been friends with him for a long time. Usually with no problems.
Lately however i have felt like he has been using me. I always do things for most people without a second thought. I mean for friends all the time. I never even ask for things in return. But a day or 2 ago i was at another friends house which is also a friend of his. While i was at his house the first friend asked me if i could give the guy that i was at the house of a ride over to my first friend (dan) house. I told him that i didnt know i mean it was compleatly in the wrong direction. I had to litterally go past my house to get to his.
Dan continued to bug me until i finally said yes ill do it. So he stopped bugging me about it.
Today i was bored and i wanted to go to the movies. I thought i could go with both of them. So i called and asked. He said that he had to wait for his dad to get home in a half hour to ask. So after a hour went by i called and asked him if he could go he said yes but he didnt want to. I was so pissed that he just blew me off.
But i once again thought w/e ill go with someone else.
Later tonight (like 10 min ago) he catches me on AIM and asks how the movie was...
This kinda pissed me off and plus i was dealing with another issue of another stupid friend that i think i have posted on here before but w/e. I was not in the mood to deal with a friend that i was feeling like was using me.
So i told him i was busy and kinda mad at him for everything and that i didnt really want to talk to him right now.
He just said fine w/e, im not your dog and signed right off.
I was like What the FUCK!?!?!
Maybe it was just me but this was the last straw. it takes alot to piss me off. So i dont know if it was just me..
Any ideas....? :(


Hooked on Rocks!
He's a horse's ass....Dump him it's time to move on swize...You'll be O.K. somtimes you gotta let go... :cry: you'll find a new boy/friend and you'll forget....Remember WTF. is here for you..


Chaos Dragon
yo swize u need to cut him some slack, its not like hes ur boyfreind as far as using u, using u 4 wat?! i saw nothing in that post that showed he was using u. as far as blowing u off, yea that was pretty danm gay of him, but hey it happenz, freindships have rough edges, u just gotta live with them. im not trying to be mean, just trying to tell u how I c it.


Hella Constipated
Yeah...I'm with Dragon here...he was not using you. He was just talking to you about how the movie was, etc.


:: What Ebonics ::
dude..dont your buddies ever call you to do some shit you dont want..and/or bail out on them? to each his own man...and to tell you the need friends who will be open with you...who will be honest....if i dont wanna go to the movies...fuck it..i dont wanna go...leave it at if you needed something you broke your leg and you need to go to the hospital....and he wont take you cuz hes plying counterstrike....then im sure we'd all understand a tad bit more...


How dare you!?
ya i know what you mean it was just one of those situations where everything bad was happening at once.. but everything is cool now.


Eee-Ook Gow
Just talk to him, tell him that you aren't his maid, get over it you can brag about the movie to him when he didn't see it :)