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My general horrid day.


King of the Mediocre
As I think of this, I realize how fucking teen-angst it sounds, but I have nothing better to post.
So, let's begin with the morn. I woke at 11:30 and called my love Amanda, and we got plans together to head out to a town about 30 minutes or so from here, to pick up random shit (I live in a rural area, you understand).
Anyway, I put down 5 in gas and headed to her house. She comes out pissy because her mom says she has to be home at 5. It's now 1:30. 30 minutes to Thomson, 2:00, I figure We can stay until about 4, 4:30, then head back. All good so far.
I get back to my house to pick up some more random shit, and my mother starts bitching at me, saying that I have to find the remote for HER fucking DVD player before I can go anywhere, when her fat ass is the one that had it last, has gone on a fucking cleaning frenzy for the past 3 days, and was probably sitting on it at the time. Amanda and I searched for a good 30 minutes for the little grey object of goodness before finally giving up and beginning to head out. My mom shouts to us to pick up detergent and toilet paper, and throws us her debit card. She tells us also that if we want, to get something to eat on her card as well. So off we go.
We were heading there for 2 reasons. First off, I had to get a game that I had wanted for a while (the new star ocean, for those wondering), and get a money order for a data cable that I ordered (which my mother claimed she'd pay for, but never followed through). So we get to the concrete and linoleum monolith that is Wal-Mart to find that they do not have the game. So we go get the money order, toilet paper, and detergent and head out.
We stop to eat at Zaxbys on the way home.
I get home at 4, thinking "Amanda's gotta leave in an hour. Damn" I walk in the door, and my mom asks for a receipt. So I hand her one from Zaxby's, and one from Wal-Mart. It's then that it starts to get interesting.
She immediately starts to yell at me, saying that she had never said we could "waste her money" on food, and that I "never do anything for me [her] or anything around the house."
Uhm... excuse me bitch, but did I not just trek 25 fucking miles to get you fucking toilet paper an detergent on my own fucking gas money? And did I not mow the 2 acre lawn yesterday with that rusted out push piece of shit you deem worth of cutting the fucking grass?
I get tired of her shit, throw her a 20, and head downstairs. I leave 30 minutes later without a word, to take home my love. Her mom leaves at 5:30, and I have to leave directly behind her. She asks her mom to let me stay longer, stating "You let Tory [her cheating lying asshole of an ex] do it!"
Wow. Thanks for making me feel fucking insignificant. Real bang-up job there, Amanda.
I get out of sight, and Amanda calls my cell phone telling me to come back. I've already been caught at her home without her parents knowing I was there, so I refuse. She begins to bitch at me again. I spend 30 minutes on the phone, convincing her to let me get off without her being pissed.
I get home, there's the same awkward silence between my mother and I. Wonderful.
Now I'm talking to Amanda, and she's telling me that Adderall is a bad idea, and that it fucks up so many people, blah blah blah.
I jokingly mentioned it, because we have to read 1984 by wednesday. And she took me seriously. So she starts patronizing.
I start to explain myself, and she signs off. Ain't that a bitch.
So my day fucking blew. I wasted $33 on something my mother said she'd do for me, but inevitably never followed through, as always, and my girlfriend insists on making me think that I'm a fucking 5 year old.
How fucking beautiful.


Chaos Dragon
danm, ur mom wasnt in a good mood.. my question is y did ur gf yell at you, knowing ur having a rough day already.. how long have u been 2gether?


Hella Constipated
Damn...where do you live? Your mom sounds like she's from Redneckville, USA. More likely, she just sounds selfish.

You should have taken her ass on about not paying for your lunch. Call her a cheap bitch, and don't give her the money. Tell her to stop being selfish. I the only assertive guy left in America?


:: What Ebonics ::
1. tell your mom that youre tired of her shit..that even tho you live under her demand a little more than what she is willing to give you..
2. amanda?...dirty sanchez time....
most gf's are like that man....they want all your attention...and make you feel like crap when you least need not saying all grls are like that...just a lot of need to wear the pants in the relationship [even tho in the long run they do] and tell her that what you say is gonna stick....


Chaos Dragon
mariusthegreat said: need to wear the pants in the relationship
lolz, for some reason, that just sounds funny.. but i think i get wat your saying, but... you call her, your love.. are you sure u feel the same away about her.. as she does about u?


nice use of horrid, i have not heard it in a long long time. ummm ya.
that blows about your day, man. Why not try talking to your mom all cicilized like and see what happens.


you need to wear the pants in the relationship [even tho in the long run they do]
Nah. You need to let them think they do. When you work out how to do that your sorted. That, selective hearing, and an ability to ignore the stupid shit that they allways want to argue about.

I find weed helps, but that's just me.

Thats fucked things should be equal and as for selective hearing and ignoring your g/f thats gonna make you 40 alone and desperate but good luck...


King of the Mediocre
The only thing that really gets me is that she talks about her ex relentlessly, and even though she talks about him in the negative light, it still isn't a subject I think should take such a big role in the relationship.
As for wearing the pants, it's pretty evened out.
I have a very good feeling that she feels the same way about me as I do about her.
And as for weed, I don't touch it. Makes me sick. I greatly enjoy the taste of vodka, however. Grey Goose especially.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
your gf probably doesnt understand because girls arent people like us. just kidding, but they can be very close minded if its not exactly how they want it. tough day, guy.


Martha Fuckin' Stewart
If a girl were to treat me like a five year-old. I'd tell her to fuck off. As for mother-dearest, yeah, tell her to fuck off too. :thumbsup: