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So I'm a discriminating pig. So what. Well, guess what those fuckers up in parliament are doing now... "a complete overhaul of the Tasmanian education system" (or maybe even national... I wasn't paying THAT much attention) and now they want to let the 'special' kids back into the classroom with the 'normal' kids. Category A students back with the norm. Well, I see troubled times ahead.

So what's the difference between a 'special child' and a 'gifted child'?

Well the answer to tha question is pretty obvious, I think.

But now they want to mix them all together again, and I know that this will not work.
I for one wouldn't be able to cope having one of those 'special' kids in my class.
When I was in grade 6 (I would have been 12) I was doing a performance for the Barrington District Choir called Kidsummer Nights Dream (the name is irrelevant...) and we did, oh, 5 or 6 performances(?) and on the last one, the Mersey Heights school for the 'special kids' came to watch our performance. The sad thing is, along with the Mersey Heights kids, there were a couple of local primary and high schools that came to see it as well (why they made high schoolers endure a childish crappy play like this is a mystery to me), but throughout the entire thing, the 'special' kids were doing all their retarded grunts and yells and screams and whatnot and always just being a general nuisance. I know, it's really mean of me to be such terrible things, and yes, everyone deserves an equal oppurtunity in life, but it's really hard on the kids who can actually USE the education that they're being given to be 'distracted' and generally annoyed (yes, I said it) at the fact that they have to be slowed down by these special kids being stuck with us in the same classroom. Truth is, most of them aren't even on the same intellect level as us. And what good is the education doing the terminally braindead ones anyway? I can hardly see a wheelchair bound autistic or spastic person going for an all important job somewhere.

Granted, there are functional mentally handicapped ones, but I feel that the ones who are incapable of processing the information they're being given are just a burden on us all.
And call me a nazi, but I seriously think that these people should also be sterilised, or at least stopped from reproducing unless it can be proven that the child will not be a further problem for them, as it's obvious they probably aren't suitable parents. I once watched a documentary about people with downs syndrome going to discos meant for these people and winding up having babies, and noone wants a new society of mentally handicapped people. I know, I'm sounding really cruel, but it is true. It is distressing for most people (including myself) to see these people going around, and if the fucking government would hurry up and get over this whole euthenasia bullshit --:

(refer to post entitled 'The human race is a plague - then there's amimalia!... Exra Terrestrials... two cents for everything')

[off topic but still relevant: it's ok to kill animals for food and put them down to 'put them out of their pain' but we can't do it to ourselves even if the suicidal one gives consent, yet no consent is given from animals? What the fuck is wronf with them?]

:-- it would probably be a wise idea to identify these children as they are when they are born and even put them down, call it cruel but it saves them and us a lifetime of frustration and pain. But your argument to me could be "why don't we just test to see if they will get cancer when they get old and kill them when they are kids", but truth is, they still have a life, a normal, full, independent life ahead of them. People who are born and are to rely dependent on care for them for the rest of their lives should be 'put down' at birth. Less taxpayers money is spent on their care, less is spent on trying to accommodate these people, and the parents then won't have the pain of watching their child get even sicker or dying from their illness after getting attatched to them later on in life.

But back to reality...

If we put them into our classrooms, it's obivously going to not only distress other pupils, but also hold them back. They will obviously want the 'special' kids to participate just as much, and that will slow things down. My prediction is that if these people are put back into the normal kids' classroom, there will be evidence of a crumbling somewhere, I don't know where, but noone will benefit, except the special kids who will probably just get a 'better chance'.
I liked it when I didn't have to talk to them, or watch them in my classroom. I feel uncomfortable around them, I feel obliged to feel sorry for them and I feel really nervous when they try and talk to me, and I'd rather go through life not having to meet people like that. They were doing good in the classroom meant for them that is facilitated for them. They were getting the attention they needed, and if they are put back with us, we will have to remodel the whole education system to let them in, it's fine as it is. They learn what they need and we all know the ones who stay in Devonport will end up working in Devonfield anyway making park benches and apple crates, or the really reatarded ones will just stay at home their whole lives being spoon fed and getting their asses wiped for them.

I ask why... why do we have to let them in with us... it makes us feel uncomfortable and it's going to open them up to being discriminated by sick fucks like me (hey, I can't help it).

I honestly think we're being too 'tolerant'. We're getting soft.

We need to realise that not everyone will be capable of living their own life.

Call me a sick person if you will, but that's the way I see it.

Gunje D.M


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in my high school about 75 percent were special kids that graduated . i mean how can special kids who can barely read get a diploma?

Jayme Black

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I agree that they shouldn't put the 'special' kids in with the 'normal' kids. Yes it would most likely slow down progress. Putting all the kids together would also cause problems like fights. Some other kid(s) might not like, or fully understand what's wrong with the 'special' kids and they might hurt them or something. Not saying you would. But some kids can just be really cruel to others, either without meaning/knowing it, or just not caring and doing it for the attention.

Maybe if we had better funded schools they wouldn't even be talking about it. I bet the only reason they're doing that is because of cutting costs or something like it.

I'm not sure I'd agree with killing off the kids soon after they are born. Not only because I have 2 of my own, one of them with autism, but they aren't always able to test for those sort of things until the child is at least a toddler, or even later. It all depends on their brain developement. By the time they'd have discovered that the kid isn't normal, a strong bond has already been formed.


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The change won't matter. The bullies will kill the retards and the normal way of life shall simply come forth once again naturally.


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Shurikane said:
The change won't matter. The bullies will kill the retards and the normal way of life shall simply come forth once again naturally.


Now, change that damn avatar...it's scary as hell!


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hey, original poster, whoever you are, if you grow up and have a "special" child, I want you to read this post. Yes, I think you are an asshole for this, even if you are a kid. They have no more control over thier actions than an infant. What the fuck is wrong with you? they are just people.

You should look at them and say, "thank the powers that be for giving me the gifts that I have. How can I help those who dont have these gifts?"

Instead of being a selfish brat.
dustinzgirl said:
hey, original poster, whoever you are, if you grow up and have a "special" child, I want you to read this post. Yes, I think you are an asshole for this, even if you are a kid. They have no more control over thier actions than an infant. What the fuck is wrong with you? they are just people.

You should look at them and say, "thank the powers that be for giving me the gifts that I have. How can I help those who dont have these gifts?"

Instead of being a selfish brat.
yeah what an asshat. he needs to be banned


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Keep'm separated?

I don't know if keeping "special" kids separate from "normal" kids is good idea. Here are some problems with it:
Elementary and High Schools aren't just here to teach children about academic materials, but also to teach them how to socialize. Kids with learning disabilities that issolated from the normal classrooms are deprived of socialization practice.
Normal children need the experience of knowing children with disablilities. Without it, the lack of understanding might cause them to grow up to be real assholes when it comes to special people.
Some special attention a few hours a day in the specific problem areas is good idea, but total separation from the majority of the group compounds the problem.


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It depends on what degree of "special” we are talking about?

Some kids just need a bit of help and are able to function and act normal. Any teacher can teach a very bright student, it takes a real teacher to teach a child that may be very capable of learning but needs additional help.

I don't think they plan on taking extreme cases of mentally ill children, who can not only be a disruptive to the class but also dangerous, in placing them with regular students. However, if a child is just struggling to some degree then placing them in a special education class well only help to increase that lag.

You did bring up some key points and brought to light one issue, that is the biasness and fear of things which a person may not wish to understand. I think this is something society needs to deal with. Which is their fear of anything that is different or may not be completely perfect in everyway. So lets just hide them, what do they deserve a chance for anything better? That child is obviously just going to be a factory worker and there is no sense trying to push them passed their set limits.

Sigh, Foolishness nonetheless. There is all different kinds of degree of learning disabilities and you would be surprised at how some of the more milder ones are just shoved into special education class. Why not? For every special child you have in a school district it creates more money. We aren’t just talking about a little sum of money, we are talking about a lot.

My school was able to take just the money they received for their special education program and outfit our entire school with computers and hook up to the internet. We are talking 37 new computers at around $700 a piece. That comes to 25,900 and we also have a t1 line ran in there, back when that was the best you could have. Oh and that money was part of what just one child brought into the school of government money. That money is suppose to be used for the child and furthering their education. Just think where else that money goes to. We were able to buy new uniforms for the basketball players every 2 years. It was reported coming through government money, found it funny when you traced that it was taken out of the special education program. BUT NO ONE GIVES A FUCK.

So you take a child who has a slight learning disability or one who will not behave in class and is lagging behind and shove them in there. That child needs very little assistance. You deal the lesson out to them, test them every two years and you generate somewhere around $30,000 in government aid for your school off a child no one really wants in their class. Don’t believe me check it out, check more into it.

Another thing you said is how can a special education child get a diploma. Why shouldn’t they. They went to school and was dealt a lesson plan that is suppose to be challenging to their needs. They struggled with test and studying and stuff as well. Sure it maybe easy for you, but if you were in their shoes you would be just a frustrating. So again they need to feel like they never achieve anything? When in fact they achieve just as much as you did. Lets put it this way. If a child is not suppose to read passed a 4th grade level and all the sudden reading at a 6th grade level by the time they graduate. Does that not SAY anything for the child. Does that not grant them a piece of fucking paper. I find your reasoning and thinking on this matter almost disgusting.


I went back to read the rest of your post. Now let me see if I am understanding this correctly. You want to take children who are incapable of learning or posses an I.Q. of 75 or less and execute them. Your reasoning because we kill animals for food and are able to put them under? May I ask this; What the fuck is wrong with you? Honestly? We are talking about a human being.

Just because you are unable to cope nor deal with someone being different then you? That is now reason enough to destroy their life? You find them disgusting to look upon and feel that will offer nothing but a burden to society. You can honestly not see them living any type of fulfilling or happy life, so this wields you or someone else the power to destroy their life? This power was granted to you how? Because you feel you are more intelligent then they are? hmm..

So now let us test every child that is born and kill them off or have the mother get an abortion cause the child has a learning disability. How do you know that these test will be 100% accurate or if later on in life it maybe discovered that the child has a truly gifted mind. You could be murdering some of the greatest mind of the world. Oh before you say what use are these people, let me put it to you this way. Some of our best psychological knowledge comes from study the mentally ill people. Some of the worse case of psycho-pathec tendency come from people with expectantly high I.Q. So are we to murder them as well? What of the children that are able to develop past their learning disabilities and are capable of progress to a degree of normal life? Is there life any less valuable then yours that they are offered no chance at this?

Then you go on to say that these children will never be able to get worthwhile jobs. So why educate them? We educate these children to help them. So they are better able to understand the world around them and be able to better themselves to a certain degree. Because even a mentally challenge child can learn and revise those skills. I honestly can not understand your lack of reasoning nor understanding of the subject matter which you hold such a strong opinion on to the degree of being able to pass such judgment as life and death.

Some of the most gifted musicians, builders and generals of our time had learning disabilities. Some truly extraordinary people who are considered incapable of learning do great things to improve the life of their fellow man. Whether it be just planting and making a garden for the community or working with animals. Often times they are able to show and explain the world in the most simplest of ways, that people often over look.

What next after we rid the world of these mentally challenge people through these 110% accurate test. Do we then start with the children who will never be able to walk. They won’t get to experience the joys of running into a field of flowers and life may be kind of tuff on them. So lets end their misery before it starts. Then we can move to the deaf people who will never be able to hear the beauty of music or to the blind who will never watch the sun descend from heaven.

So I must ask you. Who are you to judge the worth while of another person. Who are you, a mere mortal, able to make a life and death decisions for a parent or that child, with out ever giving them a chance? You can NOT. It is not with in my right, it is not with in your right, its not with in anyone rights.

You have displayed what it is to be a true coward. You are ruled by your fear and lack of understanding .Honestly it is a damn shame. I am really glad that when I look in the mirror I do not have to face your reflection cause you really let your arrogance shine through with your above post. I hope one day you will regret writing what you did and come to the realization that just because something is different or imperfect does not mean it shouldn’t have the right to exist.

All life is precious. All life should be treated with the same amount of respect. If you find yourself disagree with that. Then maybe someday you might find yourself on the other end of the stick with someone who feels you don’t have the right to live. Then I will promise you... you will have a different tune to sing.


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remember special or not they're all just kids. sometimes kids grow into or out of being special due to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control and i agree w/ whomever said seperating them socially is not benficial to either party involved. kids are cruel as is, and they will seperate themselves naturally, no system is necessary.

as for "gifted" children...they're all gifted until we lay our biases onto them, influence them negatively, ignore them, etc. i believe the imperfections of society (& generally just being human) is what stops us from raising entire populations of little genuises not the other way around. in other words, in most cases it not genetic but environmental other than severe retardation or other physically disabling conditions.