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My good friend's bro is dead


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Yeah..His house caught fire and he burned inside, alone.. For now they don't know if it was a suicide or if he got an epilepsy crisis while the fire was spreading..Maybe they will never know...I knew the guy I've smoked johns with him, played xbox with him, called him a homo a couple times..I was just joking of course, but fuck... he died..It happened 3 days ago.. My friend called me today but I already knew.. When he said "hey" I almost asked him "how are ya"..I said "hey...fuck" instead.. He wants to do something tonight, we'll probably go smoke since he's a big pothead.. Do you guys think I should make jokes and laugh to cheer him up? Well probably..anyways, life sucks sometimes

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
I hate when stuff like this happens, I'm sorry to hear that too Rage, Try and cheer him up as GGW just being with him, I'm sure he will appriecate it. My friend's mum just died, Which was bad too, but just think ya know, they never really go, there still around you. There spirit lives on, It's just there body isn't there to see. It's sound like a sad time. Again, my deepest sympathy Rage.


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Sorry to hear that! Fuck that must be hard. I wouldn't suggest jokes. Just be there for him. The weed will make things a little easier. :(


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my friend had that happen to him. his girlfriend's older brother died from a car crash. man, he was bummed, and rightfully so. i felt really sympathetical around that time. he even drove 200 miles outta his way to comfort her.
Im pretty damn sorry. I can't really say anything to cheer you up, For the simple fact that, I may say something to offend you. The best thing you can do is spend more time with your friend, and treasure eveything you have.

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o0oo00ooliii :rip: