My Guiding Light


Fack Aff!
In the darkness you are my guiding light,
as i sink into the abiss, you are my beaken.
Like the north star, you guide me,
As sailors of the past, you lead me to safety.
In my emptyness, you fill the void,
Giving me hope, when all seems lost.
Like a prayer to god, you are my savior,
Saving me from myself and my thoughts.
In the darkness you are my guiding light.
You bring me back from hell giving me faith again,
To a once bleek future, there is hope.
A hope of happiness and love,
You blind me with emotion.
When I thought I was an empty soul,
You proved me wrong.
I knew i could save you too,
Save you from your darkness and loss.
I will be your guiding light as well,
Giving you hope and faith as you did for me.
I shall give you pride, when no one else did,
In your darkness, i'll be your guiding light.
Bringing you back to life, i will make you vigor,
I shall promise to make you proud,
I will make you stand tall, when others made you feel small.
I will give you hope, when all seems lost,
I will make you laugh, when no one else could.
I will make you glad you are alive, you are a gift from the heavens.
As you gave me, i promise to give you,
In the darkness you are my light, to guide me from the abiss,
To give me hope, you will save me, as i will save you.