My heart is with you


Lost Soul
Yesterday, my heart jumped out of my body,
ran away, as if he found someone better, someone new.
Funny, I never expected to find him with you.
It's amazing how fast he ran to be with you.
so fast, he almost flew
sort of seemed like I was rubber and you were glue

A childish saying, I know,
but that's the way he is when your around.
Singing , and dancing along with every sound
You make him jump, a mighty leap for the sky.
He beats three times fast every time you by his side.
every time he see you, his vanes swell up as if he want to cry,
tears of joy, a smile ten-thousand miles wide.

Yet, I didn't think he would leave me for you.
I was good to him, I was true.
I cared for him, I nurtured him through.
I never ate anything to make him burn, or have an attack.
Always listened to him, always had his back.

Guess, I shouldn’t have held him from his dreams.
Dreams of being one with your heart.
Should have supported him from the start.
Shouldn’t have told him not to fall in love with the sound of you heart.
I’m glad he found his dream.
Because now I realize we have something in common, him and me,
Every time you come near we both jump with glee.

I thought I came to find my heart,
The truth is, I came to find yours.
Came to be with the one that makes me sore.

I love you.


YES! I love it. At least someone here's writing happy poetry. Your reputation has been augmented.