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Alright let me make it clear before I say anything else that I do NOT want sympathy I've had enough of that from Friends , Doctors & Family Members anyways

When I was 12 I was wrestling in the yard with an ex "friend" in my front yard , when this other muther fucker comes up & blind sides me with a football tackle which broke 2 of my ribs & REALLY fucked up my back which left me in a wheel chair for a year and a half roughly , I've gone to Doctors & Childrens Hospital , No help there , no help from any doctor so far , I live in Canada , so anyways I was in a wheel chair for about a year & a half still in as much pain as before cept my ribs had healed quite quickly , I've also Tried Acupuncture with some help......we have a hot tub now which helps temporarily

Basically what I'm asking is if ANYONE has any ideas on what I should do or if anyone has any suggestions , or Permenent Fixes it would be very much apprecited ...... I'm currently 14



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Have you tried massage? and maybe chiropractic care for your back? Your bones may have healed and that's all x-rays can show are bones but as far as muscles they may still be tight, knotted and very tense. Both chiropractic care along with massage cane be very helpful. If you dont' like chiropractors then at least try massage for a little while. Also swimming could be good cause of the no impact exercising it allows which might help your joints. If you try swimming I'd suggest talk to your doctor about it. If you know you can swim with your pain, jsut be very careful and don't push yourself. It's best to work with a physical therapist for any type of exercise needed due to an injury. Yours sound pretty bad but there is hope yet!

Good luck! :)


I agree

hey i agree wiht the guy...ummm.... dont remember the name... well the guy above me... yyou should sue. seriously if he hurt you that bad. And doctors dont know anything so yeah. they are seriously stupid. i also agree wiht the other girl... umm... the one above that guy... she is right try massage theropy... it just may be the right thing.


I know that u live in Canada, but you should look into going to the Mayo Clinic in MN. They're one of the best hospitals in the world if not the best. I bet that they'll be able to help you. It's something to think about. Good luck with everything and god bless.


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I'm not sure if u said this but if ur outta the wheel chair but it's still painful, I'd go with the chiropractor like they said above...the bones have healed alright, but if u sat in a wheel chair for a year and a half then ur muscles in your back and stuff may be too weak to handle normal stress from moving around, just try theraputic massaging and work the muscles out

I got my ankle ran over 5 years ago and after just 3 weeks on crutches (it didn't break, really really bad sprain) it took me still a couple weeks to learn how to walk on it right without limping cause the muscles were to weak to hold the weight, simple stuff