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I am writing this because i know that many people read it... the people i want to see it will see this here.
my name is Ali and im gonna tell you about my life and what im gonna do about it.
i was born in pakistan. my house was living on almost 12 cents a month and i was the only kid at home . i started working when i was 8. my mom also worked so we made almost 20 cents a month.. this was 13 yrs ago. I kept on attending school primary education is free in pakistan. after class 5 i started working in a cotton mill. i worked for 5 yrs and completed 10 class. then i got scholarship from the government to complete uptill 12 standard.
that is when i first saw a computer. and the internet. the cafe owner knew english and agreed to teach me the basics. Thats when i decided to learn english. i spent nights learning to pronounce words. when i completed class 12 my problems started.
I couldnt find a job in karachi. I had to live on the side of malls as the footpaths of karachi are so dirty. It is the most dangerous, most dirty , most hellish place on earth. that was my worst experience. I had a friend who moved to qatar(middle east)., he called me there. here more problems started. here I cant find a job but it pays 200 riyals a month. thats 52 dollars.
so I decided to go to college but as i am not qatari I cant go to college. so I sell my house in pakistan and the land i had(200 sq ft) to get almost 25000 canadian dollars. Then i give IELTS test and get 7.5 in that. I send that to humber college in toronto canada. I get admission . I pay the full 23000 fees and I apply for the student visa.
That was last month. you know what happenned . my visa got rejected. and my fees was 25% refunded. now i got back 5750 canadian and nothing. I quit my job to some money so i have no job. i have 15 days in qatar. my mom is still in pakistan she said i find happiness where i go to canada . but i cant .

i want to know what i did to deserve this life while people have so much money and waste it. Ive never been shown any respect or love because i was poor.
I want to say is I didnt want this life. why did i get it.
you cant imagine the condition in pakistan. It is hell. never go there.
and you know what the bad point is . I have a Uncle who is in Canada. He owns a company there. he is a millionare.
I talked to his daughter on msn and she said hold ill call you. I waited for 2 hours for that call. she never did
now the razor by my side sings


WOW. The first thing that I would like to tell you is how much your post touched my heart. I wish I could say that I know how you feel but I dont as I have never been in the type of situation that you are currently in. The only thing that I can really say is please dont give up. As bad as things are for you right now you have people that love you and would greatly miss you. Im sure it doesnt seem like it but there is always tomorrow. I cant tell you why you have been given the life that you have or why anyone has been given the life that they have but I can tell you that the singing razor next to you isnt the answer. Please be strong and if you need someone to talk to you can PM me, sometimes we all just need someone to listen to us. My ears (or eyes given its the internet) are available if you just need to get some things off your chest. Seriously though please hang in there and know that there are people out there that do care about you such as myself even though I dont know you we are all brothers and sisters in this crazy world. I hope that this helped a little bit and I cant give you all the answers but I can be here if you just need someone to chat with.......~PEACE~


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Let's get one thing straight... please don't do anything to hurt yourself or others.

If you have an Uncle who lives in Canada, you can talk to him about getting a sponsorship. That way, you can move to Canada for as long as you want.

Most of all, keep in there. I hope you can sort your life out and get a good education soon enough.



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why is it that canada only gave you back 25% of your 23,000? I would fight that.


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because our goverment is a bunch of cheap bastards.Contact humber(i live in toronto so i know humber)and put up a fight about it.If that does not work you can contact a t.v station here and tell them.That should work.Try to get someone to sponser you though or marry someone if you have to.Good luck


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oh man this on the same boat g's on....there isnt much we can do..but we're here to it as it may...we might seem like bastards flaming each other and what not ..but we're human..and like i to try to be there when someone needs it...good luck to you buddy....i hope all goes well..and dont give up...things always happen for a reason...and the harder it becomes the better pesrson you are at the end....peace...