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Me Vs.
worst horror movie ever, dont watch it.. Its like a big brother copy where they get 1 million if they say there whatever happens (WHATEVER HAPPENS), and it turns out this is a private company and no one is eally watching them exept the psychos that lied to them... One of the guys get psycho and kills everyone except this girl..

All ends with thatthere comes a police car that really is the company, they hire the psycho guy and lock in the girl in a isolation room ... and then he kills the guy that thinks hes hired fort his psycho company and then he rapes the girl ending shoting her in the head why shes screaming like a bitch..

so bad


Jean Jacket Tough Guy
i dunno i always find the worst horror movies are the best ones, just so dam funny..its like how the friday the 13th films all i do is root for jason and laugh my ass off as he malicously kills everyone