my mate has cancer


hi,my mate has got cancer. he is like my brother, hes 52 minutes older thasn me... i cant lose him , if he dies i wouldnt know what to do, thing is he can be such a prick and so ignorant and hes really wqeird but all these things just make him Tim!! everyone loves and hates him at the same time, what if he dies. hes got to have 24 weeks of chemotherapy, whih is savage , i dont know what to do, i keep feelin real shit, waaaaaaaa hes only 18 :thumbsdn: :( :(


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Wow, I feel for you. I am going through a simular situation here at home. My mom has this tumor on her pancreas and has been in the hospital and everything. They can't cut it out because its on her blood vessel and it could cause more damage to do so. She is in a lot of pain and the doctors still have not decided on what they are going ot do yet. She use to weigh 145Lb, and now she only weighs 105. She has lost that much in just a couple of months. My mom has not eaten anything for a while, if she does she gets sick. I wish the doctors would do something with her because if she keeps on not eating she will die. She is in bed rest right now, she can't get up too much to do much of anything.

Well like I said I feel your pain. I hope that everything will work out in the long run, just keep him in your prayers.


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May God Be With You

I'm so sorry to hear that about him, but God always has a reason for doing things. I do hope they can stop the cancer. God Bless you and your mate


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I feel for you, it's hard to understand why things like this happen. I do hope that he is ok, and that you are ok. If you pray, pray. You just need to be strong for him because I am absolutely positive that he is more frightened than you are. Chemotherapy takes a lot out of human bodies, makes them frail and sick. But hold his hand through it all (i know you will by the way that you describe him) because there is nothing better than the friendly face of someone that you love being there when you are going through the hell of it all. It's scary for both of you and it makes me sad that someone you love so much is sick. Best of luck to you and him.


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Ok first off...

STOP crying about it. (yeah this is harsh) You care about your mate then he needs you to be strong for him and notkeep worrying about him dien or not. Pity gets no one anywhere.

Its a LONG hard BATTLE for HIM...Think of how he feeling and what he is facing. He needs someone to be postive and tell him he can make it through, he can survive...and give him a will to survive.

That is ALL you CAN do.....

be there for him


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My cousin had cancer and my uncle died from cancer a few months ago... it was really hard but as other people said, you need to be STRONG... If you are scared, imagine how he is feeling? You need to support him in everything.

I hope he gets well....


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Yeah my dad has cancer and will not be able to eat for a month because it's in his espophagus. He will also be doing chemo for 6 weeks because the tumor is so big it has already spread to his liver. He an ungodly amount of spots including a rather large on in his right lobe of the liver.
My dad has a lot of friends and just to watch him call all of them and tell him was extremely trying. He started taking anxiety medication because I think he thinks he is waiting to die. But my mom, my brother and I try to act normal as if it is nothing big, like he will get through this. We went to California adventures, and my mom is taking him to his favorite vinyard to meet his favorite wine maker. We're doing as much as we can with him now, but staying strong as we possibly can.
Everyone is saying it, so I'll reiterate: Stay by his side when he really needs to feel that normalcy he's lacking. Do normal guy things, go out to a concert go to a bar or what ever you guys do while he still has enough energy to do so. I hope he beats this thing and I hope you stay strong. Goodluck.


:( .... so sad too fucking sad to see and experience all these... WTF is happening.... got to tell u guyz that my so called love too had this kinda fucking thingy. although never met her personally, I felt that i could have given part of my life just for her to get on with she'll be happier and live a fuller life. and now...she's undergoing treatment and i feel that she is fucking suffering. oh.WTF.