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My mates annoying


God, i'm bored!
This girl who i'm friends with can be so annoying at times. She has a boyfriend who she's been with for four years. She never see's him but she wont break up with him. Now she's seeing this bloke from downstairs in our building who she might have sex with. Whenever she see's her bf, she's all in love and crap but when she comes back she gets obsessed over the bloke downstairs and then she says she's confused. She's stupid really and is starting to get right on my tits!
Sounds like your friend needs to wake up, and realize she’s not “in love”. If she was she wouldn’t be Sleeping with the dude downstairs. Maybe, you should talk to her, and tell her how annoying she’s being. She needs to know how much she’s getting on your nerves. She also needs to come to the realization, that if she doesn’t choose between the two guys, she might just lose them both. You’re her friend, and communication is key.


Original Dicksman
I agree with Taylor Blade. But if talking doesn't work, give me holler. I'll goto London, find your crazy friend and give her the old Angry Pirate. That should straighten her out! :thumbsup: