my most interesting job..


Banned - What an Asshat!
I work at a "Stunt Toys" cart/kiosk in The Maine Mall.. My first day was today, got there at 10:00 AM and ended at around 8:00 PM.. Standing in my chucks converse all day, which have no padding and no soul, their just flat, and extremely bad to stand in all day.. Anyways, the person I work with is literally a pimp, my brother works with him in Cambridge Soundworks, I guess when my bro said he was "interesting".. He really meant "Off the wall nuts".. He owns 3 kiosks in the maine mall, 2 kiosks in the new hampshire mall, works at cambridge soundworks, and if thats not enough money making, he whipped out an "Erotic Stippers/Dancers" card, which he too owns.. The women that were coming up to him during the day were insane.. First of all the amount, and the hotness.. There was a .. I must say.. FINE blonde woman across from us in another cart, and I'm like "Dude, shes pretty nice I have to admit.." Because we were talking about the hundreds of girls passing by.. And he goes "Oh I know her, you could have her tonight if you wanted.." I was like, uhh.. Holy shit? He said he could get me 20 year olds, and this guy has connections, he knew like everyone who passed us, he wasn't making this shit up either, this one guy came by and I overheard the words "Crop, Columbian, Stuff" and "Plants".. I would have gone with the blonde chick if I had time, I worked until the mall closed and then had to go with my brother to help him move into his apartment.. When we were leaving the mall it was around 10 or so, damn it, time is ALWAYS against us (FYI she had to leave at 7, and I was working 3 hours after that, if I left my cart it would have been 80% chance of shoplifting)..


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well it sounds verry interesting......lucky guy oh and one more thing...........

GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!