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My neighbours


Ok i will try and keep this story clean but i will say this i'm a bit heated at the moment. I know it's not your fault either about what i'm going to post up.
I live in a middle unit. The plumbing is interconnected with the other two units. I have a front neighbour who just likes to whinge and moan about everything. Anyway i caught her along with the back neighbour going through my back shed without permission.
They then confronted me over the mess of the shed.
They also confronted me over a plumbing issue where the plumber decided to put his mess under the fence.
This happened after my toilet was blocked due to the front neighbour having some illness that caused her to vomit a lot. So to be kind i got into contact with my real estate agent to get a plumber come out to do the job.
The issue is now that the back and front neighbours are whinging about everything on the planet.
As i'm on a lease i don't own the place i live in.
I can do one of two things.
  1. move
  2. stay
If the whinging keeps going then they will find that i will be moving and they will have to learn to give everything a rest.