WTF ... IS WTF!?
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My rant about my current situation in life (it's long and boring)

Let me just start this by saying that I'm not suicidal in the least bit. I'm fundamentally against suicide regardless of how sad/depressed I become and wish to dye of old age, having beaten survived all the shit that life's throwing at me.

I'm unemployed right now because I bet everything on trying to reach my dream, and last year it all came crashing down... costing me 70% of my life savings. Since then I've been applying to many jobs but can't get passed any interviews because I suck at them and get panic attacks for no reason. Every job I've had in the past, I've succeeded in with flying colours - only one of which I had an interview for which I passed only because the competition was dumber than me... And as you'll see in the next paragraph, I have a good reason why I'm dumb. Also now I'm only surviving on leveraging every tiny bit of cash I can get from people that still owe me money.

I can't breathe well. I have chronic sinusitis which after several surgeries and many medicines/inhalers, the doctors and I found that there's no solution to it. The only solution I can think of that MAY work will cost me more than I can ever make. PS: I do often forget to breathe since my mouth closes without me realizing and my diaphragm doesn't give two shits... This makes my tired all the time and I blame it for more issues in my life than is true lol

I'm single cause I'm a complete coward when it comes to relationships. I can't even message random people on POF/facebook to flirt cause I'm just that big of a coward. Plus I'm too dumb to flirt, I don't know how it works, don't like being offensive, and am not very bold.

But I do have great friends, and get alone well with almost anyone, so I guess at least there's that. These friends also have my back in case things go to the extreme south (by my calculations in about 3 months if I can't find a job).

Oh and I'm also a self aware narcissist and hate it cause I can't even stop myself from being self obsessed.
6 interviews in the last 2 weeks... Still unemployed. The "feedback" I got back fro the interviewers was just generic BS and lies. How the fuck am I supposed to improve without knowing what I'm doing wrong? 😩 This is getting lame fast.


Good job! You aren't doing anything wrong. Keep trying, you will persevere. It is hard work looking for work and trying again until you find the right fit is what you gotta do.

Do not touch your face for any reason in an interview it is a "tell" that all interviewers are looking for, i.e. If your nose itches don't scratch it.
Hey your trying dude! More than I can say. Keep at it, I fumbled my way through past interviews and amazed I got the jobs I did. Even if it is that bad you will find someone desperate and than you can prove yourself on the field.:thumbsup:

Edit: Orange skin is cool and all but what about blue? Maybe blue man group is hiring? ;)