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My roommate is an idiot and I hate her

Ok, so I'm new here, I dont know how many times someone has written "I hate my roommate" but it must just be a universal truth at some point in everyone's life. I'm in my last year of college and I have been trapped living with the same girl for the last two years and I hate her. I wouldnt even call her a friend. It's gotten to the point that whenever I hear her just walking around in the apartment I just get really really tense and agitated. I just want her to fucking disappear. There are so many things about her that I can't stand that I dont know where to start, but seeing as she just kept me up from about midnight to now which is 9:30am on a Saturday with her fucking country music I'm pretty pissed, so now is a good time for me to vent.

I guess I could start by saying this girl is 22 and her mom still buys her groceries and does her laundry and brings them into the city for her every week. In fact her mother is here quite a bit and I hate her mother too. I actually heard her say to a parking lot guard once "oh I can park anywhere I want, don't you know who I am, I'm *$#@'s wife." She actually depends on her mother for everything. She even voted for Bush, not because she had an opinion, but because her mother told her too. When she goes out on the weekends she'll call her mom and ask for a good place to go in the city. She's incapable of making decisions. My roommate comes from a moderately wealthy family so she doesnt know what its like to not have something, besides, perhaps a boyfriend. She majors in industrial design and her father happens to be an industrial designer and she just happens to go home every time she has a project due, and thus her projects always happen to be quite reminiscient of her father's handiwork. Smell anything pathetic here besides perhaps my frustration? She is bulemic and takes laxatives and is constantly looking at the food that I buy when I'm out of the kitchen and I know this because the girl doesnt know how to put things back where she picked them up at, she'll pick up something in one cabinet and put it in another like i'm not going to notice. Don't get me wrong, she doesnt eat anything, just examines it. She's even opened up my trash to see waht i've eaten before. She hears when i leave in the morning to go for a run and its like she's in competition with me because she will either race to get her shoes on and go run right after i leave, or she'll run as soon as i get back so she knows how long i took, and she'll ask me afterward "did you go for a run?" like an idiot. She knows I did. She even asked my boyfriend once if he'd ever break up with me for a girl like her and then tried to laugh like, "oh it was only a hilarious joke".......fucking douchebag.

Among some of the loony annoying stuff that she does almost everyday: Her mother calls her cell phone at 7:30am every morning including Sundays and she'll go into the kitchen and walk around the apartment talking to her mother about boys, or her weight, or whatever for about two hours everyday. She doesnt even go in her room and shut the door when i'm trying to sleep. I've had to ask her to close her door before but its like it doesnt even occur to her how loud her fucking voice is to a sleeping person at 7:30am on a Sunday when its the only day i get to sleep in.

She doesnt wash the dishes that she does use for her weekly binges. Every utensil she washes still has caked food on it and I have to wash it. How many times have i told her to make sure the utensils are washed? Too many. It's like she just doesn't get it. She leaves our door unlocked so often that I have to come home from class sometimes just to check to see if my laptop is still here. She leaves candles burning when she leaves to go home for a weekend, she tried putting drano down the toilet when she clogged it so many times that I'm afraid to use it anymore, she constantly listens when I'm talking on the phone, and she asks other people what i'm doing all the time, because we dont ever talk here at the apartment. Even people at school that know her and her family and find out I live with her give me this look of sympathy and say "oh my god, not her!" Everyone knows how stupid she is, but even more so, everyone hates her because they know how stupid she is, and she will always have anything she wants because her father is rich and knows so many people. I just wish I had known this when I agreed to sign a 2 year lease with the chick. I heard her yelling in her room the other day "I dont have enough credits to graduate, Daddy! It's so unfair, this is just because people are so power hungry! Can't you do anything? Don't you know the guy in charge? Can you ask him to let me graduate anyway, please daddy??!!" Power hungry? what an ironic thing for her to say while she's asking her dad to pull strings for her. Mind you this is the same girl that says things like, "you know its like in the war in Vietnam when we dropped the atomic bomb on Hitler in the middle east" Yes, folks, this is true. I'm not making it up.

Last but not least, this Australian guy has been coming over recently conveniently around midnight and leaving in the morning. He's obviously here to get a piece from her and she thinks its love because shes never had a boyfriend before. Her mother got so excited for her that she bought her lingerie and beer. Lingerie and beer! So I suppose the plan is to dress sexy and get him drunk so he'll commit? This is what she considers normal. Anyway, I finally get to move out and get off of the lease in august so only four more months and I'm out. I'm going to celebrate. Ok, I'm done ranting. Feel free to tell me what an asshole I am now or to sympathize, whatever.


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The next time she hits on your boyfriend, punch her in the mouth. As for the rest of it, hon, thats just preparing you for marriage.


Mericuhn in Straya
Jesus! This girl sounds like a complete monster. If I were you, the first thing I would do is punch her in the throat, rip out her trachea, and then kick her out. Or shove her into the middle of traffic. Or dump her body in a dumpster. Or stick something up her ass when she's sleeping so everything she takes with the laxitives just gets clogged up in there and eventually she explodes. That would probably be the best.
But seriously... I'd kick her out. My cousin had a problem like this once, except minus the bulemia (sp?). This one time, my cousin went into the bathroom, turned on the light, and there was blood all over the toilet seat. Mhm. Roomates are douchefaces sometimes. Confront her about her annoying habits, slap her around a bit, strangle the country music out of her, and yeah, then kick her out or move out. Good luck with that :happysad:
Roomates ARE douchefaces :)

Thanks for the very animated advice. While I'd love to try each and every one of those tactics, I'm afraid my lease says I'm stuck with her until August 30, 2005. I just needed to get it out there and see if anyone else thought she was as much of a douchebag as I thought she was. That's pretty gross about your cousin's roommate. Ick. :p


A little advice, make shorter posts. A long post at the start of a thread makes most people just skip it. Blow a fuse and go psycho on her ass. Yell and bitch for a few hours and show her that it is really a problem and that you arn't going to put up with it.
bnccoder- yeah this was my first post, so i quickly learned, it was a bit too long because it was a week before i had any real replies. Interesting these forums.....As far as going psycho....well, i do that, just in my room, silently behind the closed doors and beat on pillows. How passive aggressive is that......anyway.......


From the Eastside
I sympathize but do not empathize because tiger_86 is the only roommate I have had so far. The experience is fantastic and will be memorable. She is my best friend and we have kown eachother since sophomore year in highschool. She is awesome.
Fuckin hell thats a long post. tl;dr, i skipped most of it and went to the replies and i must say that it sounds like a real bitch. I have yet to live in a house with a roommate, but if anything like that happens i would sincerely click it. I have serious problems with seriously ignorant people. Anyways hope all works out for you, be patient a little longer and you shall be FREEEEE


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Lucy17 said:
bnccoder- yeah this was my first post, so i quickly learned, it was a bit too long because it was a week before i had any real replies. Interesting these forums.....As far as going psycho....well, i do that, just in my room, silently behind the closed doors and beat on pillows. How passive aggressive is that......anyway.......
Post as long and as big of stories as you like. if they dont like it, they can bugger off.

Now, about your roomate, I would suggest giving her a polite, but cold shoulder. Ignore her. You are pretty much stuck there, and if something went wrong, I am sure you can find some good ammo to use against her.


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"the universe tends to unfold as it should"
-harold and kumar go to white castle

good movie quote, hope she comes around
Who hides toilet paper?

current situation update on the roommate: She's now hiding the toilet paper from me, in her room in a drawer. WTF!!?? Who does that? So basically I have to go buy some because she won't share toilet paper. Who doesn't SHARE TOILET PAPER with their roommates, whether they like them or not. Its just an unconditional thing, isn't it? Maybe not, I guess. Geez. I'm going to be an adult and buy a bunch and just put it in the f'n bathroom like it should be. Damn. Ok, just needed to rant, again.


Sheesh, that sucks. You should get back at her by signing her up for dating/match-making services and proceed on to other various childish pranks.


Hella Constipated
Lucy17, I read that whole post, AND IT WAS GOLD!

GOD DAMN! That was the best thing I've read all week! Everything you put up with I deal with in high school, because I'm the only upper-middle class kid in a neighborhood full of rich people!

I've never gotten ANYTHING that I've REALLY wanted my whole life - except my gaming computer, and I built that myself. But my laptop is from 1998, and I can't afford a new one. I got it used back in late '03.

I've also never had my dream stereo, or any of that. I also had to earn things, unlike other kids here. In fact, I buy my own possessions! Here, that's like a "sin!"

I sypathize with you 100%. I'm also intellectually WAY above my fellow peers in everything but math.

BRiT said:
Sheesh, that sucks. You should get back at her by signing her up for dating/match-making services and proceed on to other various childish pranks.
I'm with you on that - people that stupid usually require physical or extreme mental force to get it through their heads. However, I do not condone violence, and by "physical force" I mean slipping laxatives into her water, and hiding all the apartment's toilet paper at your mother's house, at the very last minute.

There you have it, instant swamp ass!

You can also perform "The King."
Descent- I know a little bit about what you mean in terms of dealing with this kind of thing in highschool, although that was a while ago for me. I did have several friends that never had a job throughout highschool, and never had to think about money. Now years later, they are still in the same situation, not working, and not having to worry about money, but they are also less satisfied with their lives, and I can tell that deep down its because they've never had a purpose, the kind that comes to someone who does have learn to work to support themselves, or to progress in school, or otherwise. The only thing my friends from highschool have to show for themselves at this point is a bunch of STUFF, which to me says only empty things about their character. Some people just take longer to see, that even though someone might notice a new sweater you are wearing or a new car you are driving initially, it only takes awhile before they go right back to seeing you as the same old you, and if that's not to your satisfaction, then material things won't fix it. So, as insightful or obvious as all this might sound, some people still just don't get it.


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put like hair dye in her shampoo or something. that bitch needs to be taken down a notch! but props to you for putting up with it.