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My School Just Pissed away lots of $$$

The Enlightener

My school just bought 20 new "Motivational Banners" to put up in our school to try and incourage us to do better. Well this is bull shit because we are a small school (400 students Pre-K through 12) and they just pissed away $950 on these banners. These banners make you feel like your in rehab or some shit. This money could definetly been put to better use I mean I'm sitting here looking at my Physics book thats from 1981. The other thing is that the banners look like shit to and our principle and superintendent just got fired for embezziling school funds.WTF Now tell me this is not a total waste of money and time. :mfinger: :bomb:


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
ye it is....they should have spent it on books....would encourage you to read it instead of ductaping and stapling pages in your textbook.......well i dont kno if you do that but i had to do it in my old school....


Somewhere in the Between
Why does this thread seem like a newb orgy? But anyway, Its the schools choice how the shit away their money? You can't make them not waste money.