My shittastic day!


I've been looking forward to going shopping since Tuesday when we made the plans to do so. We decided to wait until today so that I could pick up my check from the daycare. Well, that didn't happen. Here's what did though.

I wake up at 7:30 with my mom running around the house telling us to get ready to go in a few min. So I get up and get ready. I'm feeling sick to my stomach. But we're just going 20 min. away to shop, so no big deal.

Mom tells me that we're going down to Farmington (which is more than an hour and a half away in good traffic) so that she and my sister can try out for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". So I said I wanted to stay home and she could pick me up when they were done and then we could go shopping. That or I could meet her at the store on her way home. Nope, can't have that. So I'm forced to go with them. In a half hour I make her stop twice so that I could use a restroom. (After I'd taken Immodium.) To say the least, I was miserable.

My grandma lives on the way to Farmington about 40 min. from my house. So I ask if I can call and hang at her place while they do their tryouts. Grammy had a bunch of med. tests today, but said we (My little brother and I) could hang at her place and help ourselves to her fridge. So we're alone in her house with one rule; don't open the laundry room doors. (She has two siameese cats until Sunday when she can get rid of them. Some people my cousin knows from the Renesance Festival are taking them.) All we can do is just sit and watch tv or play with toddler toys. (My grammy is watching my second cousin. Long story for another time.)

What we thought would be just a couple hours waiting for them to return turned out to be a 7 hour wait. We hadn't eaten much cuz I feel bad munchin on all grammy's food. So everyone was starving AND we still have yet to get to the store.

So it's 7 pm and we stop at McDonalds for supper and I get a #1 cuz I'm starving. (I'd had 1 pop tart, 5 chicken nuggets, and 1 scoop of ice cream all day long.) Then we go to the store. Finally. We're all tired and cranky and just trying to get out of there. Then we end up going to a different store to get something my sister saw on sale in the flyer. We didn't get home until about 9:45 pm.

So a day that was supposed to be fun wasn't. And I never got to work to pick up my check. Luckily my boss lives a mile or so from my house and I called and asked her to bring it home with her so I could get it tomorrow. (I'm just takin the 4-wheeler and anyone who tries to stop me can go to hell.)

I may just be cranky, but when you're tired and STILL feel like shit, it doesn't matter anymore.

teh anarchist

I hate days like that .. there really isn't a feeling that matches up to being stranded somewhere you don't really want to be (esp for 7 hours). Life's a bitch sometimes .. hope you get better days soon.


I'm just really nice.
Haha, when I looked in there were two bold threads. This one, and right below it, Un-depress yourself.

Anyways, it really doesn't sound all that bad. Sure, it took longer than you hoped to go shopping, but you still got to relax all day with nobody to bother you except your brother. You also could have had free food, unless she didn't have much around, in which case I wouldn't have touched it either. Learning to make the best out of situations can make any day a good day. ;)


Yeah. Today was better. I went to work. Missed out on tubing behind the speed boat though. :( But what can ya do? Money or lake? I need the money.

Oh, and as far as just spending the day alone with nobody to bug me but my little brother, all he all day was play with this toddler truck that played the Winnie the Pooh song the whole time we were there. Over and over again.