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Discuss My teacher told me a story


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I dont know exactly where this would go, but i guess here is ok. If not someone will move it for me. Anyway my human realtions teacher told the class a story about a friend of his that was in Vietnam. It goes something like this:

He had a friend named Charlie who had been in Vietnam and he was partying with his friend when he came back. They got really drunk and Charlie says “Let me show you something.” He brought out a bunch of pictures from Vietnam. What would happen is they would capture people and to get them to talk they would bring them up in the helicopter in a group with a translator and they would ask them questions. If the person didn’t talk then they would push them out of the helicopter. It was always the last one that would talk. After seeing a few pictures the teacher said ok ok that’s enough I don’t want to see this shit. Then Charlie said ok and he went back into his room and brought back a large 1 gallon jar or so. He opened the jar and contained was a collection of ears and penises. My teacher then said “Charlie, you son of a bitch”, Punched him in the face knocking him out. Then all my teacher said was “that was the last time I saw Charlie.”


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That must have been a common tactic in nam. I had a vet tell me he was on a uh-60 and they did that.


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Anybody know why Mr. Rogers never took off his sweater?

He used to be a Sniper in Vietnam. Tattooed on his arms, he had kill markers.

Both of his arms were almost comletely covered.