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Headlines My thoughts on how Liberalism will regain power in the U.S.A.


Hella Constipated
I think that "The Net Generation," any people born from the year 1985 on, and grew up in the 90's will be a part of the next generation style in government, regardless of political afilliations, because everything will be reshaped.

If you think about it, older people are usually the ones who have power in government - and many senators and politicians are behind the times after the new revolution in the 1990's:

The Internet.

The Internet changed everything - how successful businesses run, from on-demand online purchases to shareware software distribution, everything changed very quickly. The Industrial Age came to a close, and the Information Age began.

Current business practices and styles in government are rapidly failing - conglomerates like the recording industry, and even Microsoft will hemorrage money like a Russian World War II soldier in no time. The "blame it on the media" premise for U.S. Senators to deny any kind of fault in American government - be it school funding, prison systems, anything, can no longer "save the youth from it's [nonexistant] burgeoning problems."


We hit a wall. In the 20's, Hollywood was blamed for "corrupting America's youth." In the 40, it was comic books. In the 50's and 60's, both comic books and rock and roll were actively blamed. In the 80's Dungeons and Dragons took a large blow.

What happened next?

Active, not passive entertainment. Death Race [late 1970's]. Doom. Mortal Kombat. Grand Theft Auto.

The difference is, interactive entertainment is the last, and I mean the last thing they can ever, and will be able, to blame somewhat successfully. It's a huge step above previous mediums. But the difference is this:

There's passive, which can go to interactive. But once you go interactive, you cannot go any further. From here on out, it will be the same thing - just more realistic, but not by much.

In the end, it's the same thing.

Which leads me to this - I was born on October 22nd, 1988. I'm almost 17 now - and I'm sick of being blamed for everything, and I can tell you I'm damn sick of having to hate walking in to a store to buy something because as we all know, I'm a thief. All teenagers are thieves. And frankly, we're sick of being called criminals. We're more aware of it. The Internet gave us powerful communicative tools, access to data at lightspeed, and the ability to be heard, and to be seen.

Everyone I know is more aware of problems than my parents were as kids. Regardless to what anyone says, kids do see the news, they do go online, they do learn online.

Factor in the fact that kids who grew up in what may be the most rapidly progressive period in all of mankind are used to change and the "new deal." Old cronies have a hard time - even my parents do sometimes.

And old cronies in government who cannot adapt will eventually be replaced by people who are able to. As a result, I think the Republican National Party will have a much less technophobic stance within the next 30 years, and likewise for the Democratic National Party, which by then should be very libertarian due to changing conditions.

Evolve or die - I'll lead that up to you - which one would you prefer?

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
i am a thief, so i guess it's my fault that all the store clerks look at you funny


Hella Constipated
WizardlyFriend said:
i am a thief, so i guess it's my fault that all the store clerks look at you funny
Ninja Looter :D?

No, but honestly, I don't want to have to be 17 to get into an "R[epublican]" rated movie or be 17 to purchase an "M[ust kiss G.O.P. ass]" rated game.

I don't want fucking arbitrary age limits that cover the store owner's asses from paralegal shit - how is it my fucking problem? The lost revenues from performing that are much higher than legal fees, shithead.

Hell, you don't even have to follow either of those guidelines. They are both bullshit. It's not mandated.

Likewise, I don't want to be fucking viewed as a druggie because I'm a teenager with [formerly] long hair. Kill yourself please. Bye.


The Moron...who complains
I agree that there is a certain ammount of unnessisary blame put on teens, when i was a freshmen in high school we were watched up and down the aisles of Wallgreens because they were worried. You have to take into account though that teens DO cause a lot of problems. Going back to my wallgreens reference, they were not watching us at the beggining of the year, untill just a few people in our class started stealing. If you look at it from their perspective, some teens think they are the most badass people ever and think they need to prove that to maintain it, so wallgreens will be very cautious in the hopes that the teens dont steal any murchandise.

As far as the next generation of "currupting america's youth" goes, it is possible we cant tell what is next. I doubt the child bearers of the 80's could have forseen the Grand Theft Auto games, as violent as they are and as questionable the material in them seems (Although i have to say they are fun as hell).

It seems from the examples you quoted (references from the 20's, 50's etc.) that this is nothing new. It is apparent that we cant get rid of the dissaproval of the adults of each generation, and from the look of it i can almost gareuntee you our generation will do the same to our children, perhaps in a different section of entertainment.

Or maybe we can change that? After all "those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them."
blitzen9090 said:
You have to take into account though that teens DO cause a lot of problems.
Do they? When was the last time a teenager decided to invade a third-world country?


A Rampant Vagitarian

Often teenagers are seen "bad" or "should_be_controlled" because they have different views and values than their parents, and the older generations. And as we have been tought from the first grade and before, everything that is different and thoughts_awakening should be hit with a long stick, buried underground and called revolutionary, communism and whatnot.
It all comes from uncertainty. In their skin, every single humanbeing knows that almost everything they believe is just a big fucking hoax. Whether its religion, politics or homeopathia.
It has happened so many times before, revolutions after revolutions, calling it evolution. Religion after religion and now science.
Whenever people find something new, something pure to believe in they immediately start this inhumane fear, that someone proves them wrong, thus shattering and rocking the world and everything this human is.

So.. only way to be a "Human" is to silence and control those who could prove you wrong, and this is often the youth, as they have a clearer view on issues than the older generation. That is why there is censorship, that is why all the protestors are looked with a bad eye.

The western society will live long and florish as long as people keep home watching soapoperas from the tv, read the magazines that are long for realistic, due to politics and the owners opinions (murdoch, GE etc.) As long as people dont think, the government is happy. When people leave their brains on the doormat they are in their "octet", ready to suck in the propaganda and the views favoured by the leader.

"Dilemma, either you say nothing to a lot of people/
or you try and kick some sense to a minority of equals/
who already know what you know and don't need to be schooled/
while 85 % of the population keeps getting fooled/"

-Promoe- prime time


The Moron...who complains
canadian_pov said:
Do they? When was the last time a teenager decided to invade a third-world country?

Im not talking about that, im just saying that there are a lot of instances when teens steal items, or think they are badass when they are fuckin stupid. i know this cuz i know a ton of em
Hmm..I honestly don't give that much of a damn, but since RetArt made a good point, repped.