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My uncle is really hurt...


In Memory...
As some of you may know, I am very close to uncle. Well, the other day he got a concusion when he fell, face first, onto the brick patio. Well, we went to the doctor for it, but they were assholes, and thought he was "trying to passout" or some shit. Well, today he starting having a panic attack, saying that his neck , back, and shoulder were hurting him very bad. So after a few minutes of him freaking out, I decided to call 911. Well, after several S & R volunteers didn't do shit, an EMT finally got here. My sister rode with him to the hospital while me and her boyfriend followed in the car. He is the hospital right now getting x-rays and an MRI. I hope he's okay.


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That super sucks! I hope he's alright in Spite of the shitty medical treatment so far. Damn man... that blows. :confuse:


Banned - What an Asshat!
you did the right thing.. sometimes those 'professionals' just screw it up, which is like a 'bad day at the office' for them but life or death for us..
is anyone in there with him? my wife wouldn't leave me for a minute when i was in last year, and once when she was in she wrote her name on her stomach, i'm not kidding, she doesn't suffer fools well..
anyway, take it easy while all this stress is going down..


Fuck The Fucking Fuckers
Dealing with doctors myself alot from the age of 11 with my mom, I know what its like, Doctors fucking suck, let me give you an example of what I went through, I went to Childrens hospital about a year ago,I had severe back problems at the time(still do), and this asshole Dr. Besser I think his name was has the nerv to SMACK me on the back, my mom was ready to sue his ass, I was crying because of it, Well anyways, sad to hear that about your uncle. I pray for a quick recovery.