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Scene Kid
I sing for a band, so I figured I'd share my lyrics

Will things ever be like they used to be?
I'm missing her, but she's not missing me
And I'm out for a walk thinking about jumping from a bridge
Going for a swim and never coming out again
But I stare into that murky deep
And I see a reflection of me
But he's smiling
And I say to myself how strange
I haven't worn one of those in about 6 weeks

I can try as hard as I like
But she won't meet me halfway
So I'm stuck in the middle and I just can't go on
But I'll crawl the rest of the way

Every argument seems like a dagger
Shoved deeper into my chest
And every day these knives get twisted
The cuts go deeper and deeper

The snow is turning red, like a trail of bread crumbs to show I was there
It marks the spot where I dragged my heart to your door
It's like a christmas card in a very morbid sense
But my biggest fear is that you will leave it on your steps stamped return to sender

My heart is a doormat, here to catch all the shit you've walked through
And I'm waiting for you to tell me that my latest mistake is the worst yet

She cries out to whatever god is listening to empty prayers tonight
She wants to leave this place now
She says my arms are confining
And these streets are making her claustrophobic

So run darling, run while you can
And push the pedal to the floor
There are cars are running off the road
But I'll make sure you make it safely away

Are you done with me? And if so was it time well spent?
Did you mean the things you said?
Or was the liquor on your breath meant to hide the stench of your lies?
Are you lying to yourself?
Or are you lying just to make me feel better?
I'm dying here tonight, with a bottle of sleeping pills that just won't do the trick.
I'm wide awake with my heartbeat racing and my stomach tied in knots.

You never said that things would work out just fine,
But it's about damn time that I got something nice.
And I'd do anything to make you see, that I'm more than a toy.
I'm not a psychological experiment, I'm not nearly as crazy as you seem to make me out to be.

Rip the breath from my lungs, and hang me out to dry
I'd stay on that dirty laundry line
Until you realized you'd like to wear me once again
Or am I too late, are your new clothes more fashionable than I could ever be.

This cut is so deep I think I might bleed to death
A gash so metaphorical that only my hands can feel it.
But I hold myself close to hold myself together
As you take notes on my reactions, in a coat of snow white on a clipboard marked observations.

So I'll dig this knife out of my heart
And look at your face in the reflection of this blade
I've missed opportunities I'd give anything to have back
And I've made so many decisions I'd give anything to make again
I can ask What If all night long
Or I can just go ahead and move on
But tonight What if just might win
It's the wrong question to ask with all the wrong answers

You can't see it moving through my brain
But my morals are all dead and dying
Tell me tell me tell me dear
Can I throw myself at you?
And will you tell me everything is okay
Will you tell me what I need to hear?

Operator please respond
And keep this line open
I'll be calling back again
If no one else will answer
I'm running out of quarters
In a phonebooth in the wrong part of town
I've been left for dead
And these glass walls have been painted red

I need to leave I need to go
To somewhere where you're not
But where you're at is in my head
And there's no escaping these silent accusing thoughts tonight
I'll close off these synapses
I'll burn you from my brain.

I don't really blame you if you didn't read all of them, just wanted to share since there's a forum to do it.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
that shit sucks man.

:D of course, i am just kidding. You are like a god amongst mere mortals. Me, being the mortal. Seroiusly, i stubbed my toe getting out of bed this morning and it reminded me how mortal i really am. Not that I died, but it hurt.

Anyway, nice writing. Better than anything I could make.


Scene Kid
The back roads are the hardest to drive
When there's something weighing on my mind
And it's such a great night to watch my world come to an end
Can you feel the stars burn your eyes?
As they crash into the ground

But the weather tonight is all wrong
There should be rain and clouds
To create a feeling of being totally alone
They never told me that breathing could be this hard
But inhale/exhale just isn't getting it done

Can you tell me where my sleep has gone
I haven't found any in weeks
And every smile I ever posessed has been drawn back deep down inside
Every time I scream, a little more blood reaches my face
And every time you scream a few more tears leave
But your screaming is inside me
And when I find sleep it haunts me

Can you just flash your smile one more time
Can you just wrap your arms around me
Can you come back for just 10 more minutes
Can you hear how much you mean to me

I think that's the only song ever not about a girl that I've written.


Scene Kid
My life is like a shot of cough syrup chased with water
First bitter and then diluted
I can't help but think that I'm killing myself
With every night with no sleep that leads to this state of blue

I just wanted everyone to know
No matter what I say I'm not fine
Every other day is a fight to survive
And I'm so sick of social Darwinism as it applies to me

I'd like to step out in the rain
With my arms stretched wide and my mouth open
And let myself drown slowly
As the rain mixes in with every nasty thought I have of never waking up again

I won't shed another tear
Because I'm to numb to cry
But there's a feeling in my chest
Like my lungs might just implode
But don't worry my dear I'll step outside
Because I'd hate for you to have to clean up the mess
And every smile I see is another dart in the bullseye
Another bullet that comes closer and closer to hitting me in the heart


Scene Kid
Hey you
Sitting there with that smirk on your face
Sitting there to watch me fail at this test called growing up
I wish I could be six forever
I wish I never even saw your face

Hey you
I see you in the corner
Lurking in the shadows with the intent to destroy
You crawl around on hands and knees
With the deadliest weapon of all

The truth

I picked up the phone and dialed four numbers
But then grew disgusted and now the phone is lying in pieces
But no longer will it be my scapegoat
And no longer will I blame it when I feel like my heart is going to stop

I know you can't see or feel
With your eyes gouged out and your bleeding heart in my hands
But then I will know that I've finally found the placid place that I've always dreamed of
Where I am no longer haunted by the skeletons in my closet
That have broken down the door
And now litter the floor
And the monsters that I once was so scared of
Now listen to the nonsense I pass off as philosophy
When I lie in the dark and I stare at the ceiling as the TV drones on and on like a gnat gliding right by your ear


Scene Kid
Tonight I stared at the phone
But the caller ID was void of calls for me
And all night long I waited for the phone to sing
And for your voice to say that you didn't know what to think
Today it was 50 and tonight it's 15
And the blue skies turned to snow and rain
I drove faster than I should've
Hoping for something in life to change

I slept on the floor again last night
No pillow, no blanket just my dreams to disrupt my sleep
And when I dream, do you dream? Or is your sleep peaceful and complete?
I wish I could control a coma, I'd wouldn't wake up for days

Tomorrow is a new day
But it will provide no new opportunities
Instead it will be the same old heartache
But how much can one heart take?
Watching stupid sitcoms full of stupid commercials
Selling stupid products to stupid people
In a stupid city full of stupid stores
That make me want to burn the stupid mall to the ground


Scene Kid
This butterfly's wings have been clipped
And it dives at a suicidal speed
And the definition of beauty and grace
Hits the earth with a silent explosion
How can this be the final chapter?
Is this really the conclusion of this story?

Where did we go so wrong?
Can we rewind and record over this portion
Let's pretend it never happened
We've become exactly what we hated
And we've taken a vow of silence too

I am caught between a hurricane and an earthquake
Either one could cause my demise
And with every tidal wave that crashes
Another butterfly's corpse litters the shore


Scene Kid
This photo album is full of faces I've loved and hated
And those who hated and loved me in return
In three weeks I'll be gone
And you guys won't notice
Because you never noticed that I was ever here

I am the ultimate in expendability
You can cut my face out of every picture I'm in
You can burn my likeness away
My visage is forever marked in invisibilty
My transparency is eternally scratched by my shadow on the wall

I'll forget you in a few years
You won't remember me tomorrow
And maybe it's better that way
Even though I viewed you as family for 3 years
And with this piece of paper I'm bound to collect
I'll write all my memories down on the shreds of it.


Scene Kid
You can’t see me
Not like this
You can’t see me
When I’m a total wreck

Fight or flight?
The most basic question
Based on nature
Or years of nurture
So will you stay and fight?
Or take off on your wings?
Either way I’m stuck here
With a gun and plane ticket

Could you settle down?
If I told you I loved you
Would you stay with me?
If I said you were my everything

We’re in this fight together
Or else we’re on the same plane
And if I die tomorrow
I call the window seat
There are bullets all around me
And there are clouds at my fingertips
Based on your nature
Or years of nurture

We’ve argued this a million times over
And we’ve never said a thing
But I’m tired of contradictions
I need you here with me
This dead horse is bleeding
From the beating of his life
And we’ve both got bruises
From blows poorly aimed

So what’s your decision?
This is your moment of truth
So please choose wisely
My heart is in your hands
And this could go either way
It’s all based on nature
Or is it years of nurture?

Is this Nature vs. Nurture?
At it’s most sublime
Is this Nature vs. Nurture?
Or is this you saying goodbye?

You can’t see me
Not like this
You can’t see me
When I’m a total wreck.


Scene Kid
Driving down deserted roads
and I haven't seen headlights for 45 minutes
The sky is quiet and totally dry
But my vision is still blurred by my tears
Oh how I wish you were here
your hand in mine and your smile close to me
I've never wanted anything like I've wanted this
And you just walk on by blindly

My heart is choking me,
it's caught in my throat
it jumped there when you walked by
With that same smile on your face
You don't see it, but we could be so happy
Because you're everything I'm not
And that's exactly what I need

I would completely change for you
If you were ever to ask me to
And I would walk through hell for you
If only you were to ask me to

You don't seem to get it
I want to be your everything
But you don't see me, you don't need me
You're so happy on your own
The guys all line up at your door
And who could blame you for not choosing me?


Scene Kid
well, I crashed at the guitarist's house one night on his couch and the next day I woke up and his like 4 year old sister was sitting on the floor watching beauty and the beast, I woke up because she hit me in the head with a pillow because I was snoring. So I wake up to Belle singing some stupid disney song and was in a bad mood for the rest of the day, so we started as Good Morning Belle, but shortened it.

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
There good lyrics man, the top 3/4 i'm guessing are not all the same song?... i listened to your songs.. seems pretty kool... which one are you?...
and yeah i agree better than anything i could write :thumbsup:


Scene Kid
no the top ones in the first post are not all the same song, and I'm the singer, sorry the recording quality is shite on those songs, we did it in like an hour on a shitty digital 8-track in the basement, and I couldn't hear myself, so my vocals are kinda shoddy.


Somewhere in the Between
Your pretty good. Can barely hear you at some parts, but it happens. Cool story for your name. If you put out a Cd, post here where and when! :thumbsup:


Scene Kid
we were supposed to go mix our split with another local band today, but no one has called me yet, so I guess that's been canned.